Sadly, few in the liberal or progressive media even want to talk about Israel’s recent murderous attack on the humanitarian aid ships - certainly not Thom. Amy Goodman is an (the only?) exception. She recently showed clips of a video smuggled out by one of the members of the flotilla showing an Israeli trooper pumping 4 bullets into the head of a wounded activist lying prostrate and helpless at his feet. The victim may have been the young man who held U.S. citizenship.

Here below are a couple of excerpts from a fine essay that appeared in a recent issue of Haaretz, Israel’s internationally respected newspaper. Please read these and then click on the URL for the entire piece. We might consider whether or not the loss of moral imagination applies equally well to the U.S.A. It seems to me that it does. Below these excerpts from Haaretz there's a URL that you can go to in order to read another interesting essay recently printed in McClatchy newspapers.

Israel’s Greatest Loss: Its Moral Imagination

By By Henry Siegman

So, yes, there is reason for Israelis, and for Jews generally, to think long and hard about the dark Hitler era at this particular time. For the significance of the Gaza Flotilla incident lies not in the questions raised about violations of international law on the high seas, or even about “who assaulted who” first on the Turkish ship, the Mavi Marmara, but in the larger questions raised about our common human condition by Israel’s occupation policies and its devastation of Gaza’s civilian population.

If a people who so recently experienced on its own flesh such unspeakable inhumanities cannot muster the moral imagination to understand the injustice and suffering its territorial ambitions—and even its legitimate security concerns—are inflicting on another people, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Henry Siegman, director of the U.S./Middle East Project, is a visiting research professor at the Sir Joseph Hotung Middle East Program, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is a former Senior Fellow on the Middle East at the Council on Foreign Relations and, before that, was national director of the American Jewish Congress from 1978 to 1994.

And from McClatchy:


GreenMule's picture
GreenMule 7 years 18 weeks ago

Nothing new under the Sun. Stolen Africans from an other continent enduring hundreds of years of slavery to create fortunes for others is a much more Dire Holocaust. As Helen Thomas might have said, "The Jews had numerous places to go before they became unpaid labor; and have many other places to live". Colored peoples would not come to the USA if their way of life had not been destroyed. Negroes cannot return to Africa. They have become a Hybrid Species with Hybrid Names...not acceptable to Africans; and not acceptable to each other. They continue to be hunted as at a time, so as not to spook the herd. They continue to be Human Sacrifices for Law Enforcement and Hate Groups. The most unemployed, the lowest paid, and the most watched by individuals, city , state, and federal government. And yet, they don't die, they multiple without billions of dollars in yearly reparations; and need for a place of their own. The Jews in Germany had a choice to move to neighboring countries. The signs were very clear. Did this occur before the first refugee? Somehow, those helpless Jews have been replaced by those in a religion that commands them to torture and murder helpless people. What kind of people would bring lies, theft, and death to the Holy Land? It seems that the Ancient Hebrew Theology has been twisted into something unrecognizable as an accepted Religion. The ultimate in Rabid Behavior is walking the walk and talking the talk to kill women who dress as Nuns, and men who stop to pray 5 times a day. Descendants of Stolen Africans would only require a Grub Stake to leave the Land of the Free and the Home of the Slave. They won't be allowed to leave. Those destroying life on this planet will eat their flesh and drink their blood. They don't require water and vegetables.

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Sanford Russell 7 years 18 weeks ago

GreenMule, thanks for reading and responding to my post.

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Rodger97321 7 years 18 weeks ago

I have a new book and and old one. I'm told we have the old book in common. It has some basic rules. This Flotilla Piracy broke rules 6, 8, 9, 10. It was so carefully planned - they knew they were going to break those rules and did it anyway. So it cannot be that they place any value on the old book, except to say its theirs.

The murders weren't necessarily specifically planned, but they were very prepared to do so.

Bearing false witness with such abundance can be considered the worst act because you know before the words leave your lips that what you set in motion can harm untold numbers of innocents.

And let's remember, that Helen Thomas video was shot 4 days before Israeli troops committed the multiple piracy homicides and kidnappings. They held onto it and only put it out with their pretend outrage (they had a week to rehearse) to divert public attention away from their crimes.

GreenMule's picture
GreenMule 7 years 18 weeks ago

You are welcome. The word leads to the deed.

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Sanford Russell 7 years 18 weeks ago

Thanks, Rodger, for reading my post and for responding to it. For those who read my posts that are often critical of Israel I want to make clear that I direct my critique solely at the nation of Israel and its policies, not at Jews. There is a difference.

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