My top 7 national debate questions (ranked by importance) ...

1. How do you propose to combat global warming?
2. Bribery has no part in politics. What is your plan to eliminate money in politics?
3. What can you do to reverse the inequity of wealth and income in this country?
4. When will we have a single payer health system?
5. What are your ideas on prison reform and why this country locks up so many people?
6. How can we develop a reliable election system where every vote is correctly counted and verified?
7. When will you end our current wars including the war on drugs?

Will see tonight, if any of the above issues are even mentioned.

Feel free to express your opinions!


zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 3 years 16 weeks ago


Everyone of those questions should be the top 7 problems facing Americans in 2016. Very astute . Answering and solving everyone of those questions correctly would go a long way to making a fairer, happier, stronger America in the 21st century.

Legend 3 years 16 weeks ago

8. How do you propose to bring back American Manufacturing jobs?

DdC's picture
DdC 3 years 16 weeks ago

Feel free to express your opinions?
That's questionable since the response was deleted, from here at least.

My top 7 debate questions tonight, ranked by... importance?
Sep. 26, 2016 10:38 am By santamariaman

santamariaman's picture
santamariaman 3 years 16 weeks ago

Good addition Legend. This question could possibly be remedied, if we fix #2 (bribery in politics). When coorporations control politicians' votes, then they can control manufacturing site and job locations. Most of my top 7 issues have some connection to other problems facing this country.

santamariaman's picture
santamariaman 3 years 16 weeks ago

Thanks DdC for your enlightening opinions and readings. Hope others will access what you have to say. Especially what you presented about Hemp. We, as a country, are certainly "missing the boat" on this valuable and natural asset which is so, so misunderstood. Would have a great impact on my #1 issue along with the progression of renewable energy and the eventual elimination of fossil and nuclear fuels. Thanks again for your input!

Legend 3 years 16 weeks ago

When we let manufacturing leave America we set up the high unemployment for youth and manufaturing cities such as Detroit, Baltimore, St Louis etc. High unemployment equals unrest. When a factory moves overseas the only person that benefits is the CEO.

santamariaman's picture
santamariaman 3 years 16 weeks ago

That is exactly why we need honest politicians and leaders to enact additional legislation to create corporate incentives for "Made in America" products while heavily taxing products manufactured abroad. It would solve many underlying problems along with the unemployment and the unrest you mentioned. Is it really this simple?

Legend 3 years 16 weeks ago

Also, what we do today is export our slavery to Vietnam etc.

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