Brother Kenyatta,
This morning on Thom's radio show I was very fortunate to hear your discussion with him. I would love to hear that "rant" again about "400 Years of Slavery-Get Over it!" It was brilliant. Please post. I was incomplete awe! I am a 'white privelidged' 65 year old from New England. I currentlly reside with my wife in Portland, Oregon. I would love to connect with you if that is possible.

most gratefully,

SatHanuman Singh Khalsa


R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 4 years 18 weeks ago

Brother Singh, your post made my day. I am deeply honored. I receive a lot of hateful responses, but most are overwhelmingly positive. I am just trying to educate and tear down stereotypes and I will continue to do so...even if it costs me my life.

I have been blessed to have several people be kind enough to want to connect with me due to my writings on this site and my on-air conversations with Thom. I love Thom Hartmann, he is a "clueless white boy" but he is intelligent and insightful enough to know it...and human enough to care about it. So, his staff is kind of used to folks wanting to communicate with me and, though they are very protective of personal data, they are real cool about putting me together with good people that want to communicate at a more significant level. The best thing to do is contact one if the producers (Danielle) at (202) 536-2370 during showtime (0900-1200 for me and you on the west coast), and she will put us together. Also, I will post a link to my "rant" from today in about an hour on this thread for you.

Please review other op-eds I have done exclusively here, by typing R. Kenyatta in the search box above.

Just an FYI, I have spent a lot of time in New England (used to work for Digital Equipment Corporation DEC) and spent many a day and night in "Woosta", Maynard, Lowell, "Bahstahn", Logan Int'l, Nashua, Concord and Merrimack.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 4 years 17 weeks ago

It was an excellent, unrehearsed, uncontrived "rant". I've known him most of my life and the brother is awesome; always has been a bad M.F in terms of intellect. Even as kids parents in the old "hood" would ask him to tutor their children (including my parents). White folks don't know how to handle him, because they are not prepared to. Brave New World.

Keep letting them have it brother...keep letting them have it. You know I love you to death. Hurry up at post that link, homeboy. I'm going to put that gem everywhere I can.


R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 4 years 17 weeks ago

Mr. Singh and Brother Turner here is the link: Begins hour 1 at 40.25 and ends at 45.49. Additionally, Thom makes some ancillary comments at 50.00 and throughout the remainder of the broadcast. Sorry it took me a spell to get back to you on this, had a few "technical difficulties" with the server the past 24 hours.

There will be an accompanying op-ed posted in the next couple of hours entitled: Message to The White Man: Slavery, "Get Over It!" Hope you both find the piece inspiring and thanks again for your support.

Nat, I love you too, man.

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