We need to stand behind whoever is in power at this time and the best we have is President Obama. I believe that he will make the right choice and make the republicans eat their own words with the kind of flip flop politics that we deal with today... I want you to call the Congress and support the budget that the Progressives tried to even present to the Congress. It of course was voted down by the rupublicans and never sent to the senate... So we need to stand behind them and the fight for equality amoung the people who need government most... So tell your neighbor or your relative or any one you might conversat with that if they cut spending in the time of economic down turn, then we will as a nation fall further into the Banana Republic for which those who oppose change are willing to take it to the brink... People must be willing to understand that Grover Norquist is the man who needs to be singled out and demonized as to being the front runner who is the kind of American who thinks that paying taxes is too much to ask for!!! I have always paid my taxes and I have yet to this day have ever collected any kind of benefits that was financially from the government. I had Medicaid till I lost my resedency for the 4th time in my life... Never asked the Government for a bail out... So if we the American people stand Behind the man who is in office then he will surly cave in on the fight for what so many good honest Americans have paid into and still get no money from the programs that they have paid into... In closing I have about 20,000 dollars that I have paid into the Social Security program. When I had to work for a 9-5 Slave Driver Design Contempo Incorporated. Who is a government contracted company. They do not have safe guards on 55% of their equipment, cause it is from 1902 or 1943... Anyways I got hurt and they actually got me to get myself fired from their company and then turn around and say they are not going to pay for my injury or time lost... But they dont ealize they misfilled my paper work with the labor department and said I was at work when no one else was there!!! HYPOCRCY! So I call on the progressives call the president and call him to tell him you know someone who will be drasticly hurt by these Republicans and the faint vision of a better tomorrow! I will be in Washington DC on the capital, requesting people to take heed to my call of the need for people to let it be known that they want to keep the programs that so many have fought for.


Christopher S Lawrence

Of the Nation, For the Nation, I was born here and damned if I do and damned if I don't... I will fight for equality every where and for every one till every last drop of blood is drained from my still beating heart! I will fight!

Who will join me?


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