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The god question and belief

To Thom primarily, and the Community....


I'm a long time listener and have actually called and talked once. I find you are a resonable and capable thinker. I've only been disappointed with this nonsense about evangelical Atheists, deities, and beliefs.

So, let me start with belief. An Atheist does not accept that there is a god, not because of a lack of belief, but a lack of evidence. You seem to treat belief as bi-polar, such that non-belief can be deemed a form of belief. A well educated Atheist knows that it's not a matter of belief or lack of belief, as positive is to negative on the same linear scale; but, a zero quantity of belief or absence of it. In this way it cannot reasonably be referred to as a default belief, as indecision can be reasoned to be a form of decision.

As far as the question of god, deities, or any words one might slip together to give reasonable-ness to this nonsense, let me be clear; The question of if deities exist cannot be answered empirically. I can say there is a lack of evidence and that is how I interpret the data; however, others can summon up their belief and any artificial, seemingly reasonable construct to support that belief as evidence of. Therefore the argument is a waste of time; the question of the existence of god cannot be answered. Nevertheless, the question that can be addressed, and answered empirically, is did man create god. Here, the evidence is abundent, that in most aspects of these belief systems that require no evidence, man is at the root. Man has created much, including theisms. Usually, conceptions based upon perception is a step in tool making. Science is a tool for exploring the unknown. Theism may have been the tol of choice for primatives; however, it clearly cannot be accurate enough to be meaningfull or usefull. Remember, an Atheist worth their salt knows not to argue the question of the existence of god. Surely though, the question of if man created god is where all reason leads.

Lastly, the otion of evangelical atheism is all the rage in response to Harris, Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennet, and a host of others. This is a clear invention of the theists. Some Atheists are angry and reactionary. And rightly so. Atheism is so misunderstood and demonized in society today, it should make a reasonable person angry. You had Chris Hedges on a week or so ago. I think he is spot on, as you, with some of your observations; however, the obvious tendency to discredit Atheists and their sounding boards is poor and misguided. These Atheists will be more likely to reason with and find common cause with you and Chris, than with the likes of Pat Robertson and his ilk. You often note that in our politics there should be real commonality between the libertarians, Tea-baggers, and progressives. Lets all work to push through the attempts of the media to fracture us into different parties. I never seen a TRUE Atheist want to deny any religious people their right to worship as they please, just like I've never seen a TRUE Christian who doesn't love his fellow man!



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