I have to disagree with the comments you made about Romney doesn't believe in abortions with no exceptions.

I just heard Romney saying on TV last night that he believes abortion is wrong except for the cases of rape and

incest. But I say abortion is wrong. In 1962, Sherri Finkbine, the woman host of Romper Room television program

for children in Phoenix, AZ decided to

go to another country to have an abortion. This did not set well with the American

public. It shouldn't set welltoday. Abortion is murder. Women get colder and colder with their affections of children and

the love a money and financial success becomes moreand more important with every year in America. Do we not know

this? Look at all the women now that kill their children and all the women teachers now that have sex with young boys.

Adult women don't have a natural decent love for children like they once did.

To allow abortions is allowing for MORAL DECAY. If you don't think so, then please think again. The reason most

women get abortions is so they can have their cake and eat it to. That means that women don't want to have to

be made responsible for having a baby. They'd rather pursue a career. The world more and more loves money

more than people, more than the respect of human life.

Some babies have been aborted at almost full term and left crying in a locked room until they die. Did you know

this? Doctors know this and some hate to see it happen.

Immigration Laws:

Immigration laws in Arizona, SB1070 wasn't struck down. The Supreme Court upheld it. At first ICE said they wouldn't help

Sheriff Joe Arpio but now ICE is helping. In other words ICE is doing there job even though Mr. Obama told them not to.

Please understand what we have here in Arizona. Here the Mexican are shooting our guards at the border. They are shooting

our policeman in Phoenix while they are patroling. These Mexicans here in Phoenix and surrounding areas are the worst kind

of law breaker. They break into houses the rob and kill people. Mexicans dominate the news here with violet crimes.

I used to sing Christian songs at Perryville Prison west of Phoenix to the prisoners during a Sunday church service. I was surprised

to see that about 75% of the prisoners at Perryville Prison were Mexican. White are in the minority there.

Mexican men here seem to be by nature very hot tempered and are very prejudice against whites. Mexican women prefer white men

saying that the Mexican men like to fight too much. Mexico has many times the rape and murder of women than America does. So

all of this certainly proves why we need more border security. Barack Obama is so wrong and irresponsible with his job as President.

He wants less border security so he can be reelected. That is heartless on his part knowing less security at the border will cost lives,

but he won't go to jail for it. There should be a law against Presidents that do this kind of thing for personal gain. We have heartless

people running our country.

Since the law breaking illegals run across our borders and kill our people, then to remedy this our border guards should be shooting

the illegals that cross our borders. This should be a no brainer.


I would not be right to have gays be open about there sexuallity in the military. Many of them would be killed if they started talking about it.

Straight men, especially young straight men don't have respect for gays. They like to beat them up and in the military they would do more

than that, believe me. Being gay is so terrible a sin that it needs to stay in the closet. It's like being a bank robber isn't something you should

go around telling people about. Being a child molester isn't something you should be proud of and tell people about where you work. Remember

what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah. See my point. Men can't have babies with men. Women can't have babies with women. It's wrong!


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