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Zenzoe 3 years 17 weeks ago

I tuned in to watch Thom a short while ago, only to see Thom bullying his guest, interrupting him every other second and refusing to listen to the poor guy's point. I'm referring to Justin Danhof: "Discrimination is Discrimination - Justin Danhof."

Normally, I appreciate Thom, or I wouldn't have been watching and participating on this website for so many years. But to see his unfair treatment of this guest disappoints me. I don't know anything about the guest's bias, but it sure seems to me he deserved to be able to finish a sentence.

As for Thom's position on the Obama administration's transgender directive, it's clear Thom hasn't considered the topic from a feminist perspective, which is a left-leaning take and not driven by right-wing bigotry. Instead, as feminists, we see how the transgender movement tries to conflate sex and gender —which Thom did in his comments— and would disappear the rights of biological women to enjoy private, safe spaces without the presence of people with male genitalia. For one thing, the President's directive will deny women who suffer domestic violence safe places to hide from males, as well as deny us the right to assemble free of male domination. All a biological male has to do is claim his "identity" as a female, and he can move in to dominate the scene, whatever form that domination may take. So much for "women's sports." If this directive is not stopped, such activities will inevitably have people with penises winning all the races! And that's no joke!

For an academic's take on the subject, I recommend this:

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