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donebe256's picture
donebe256 1 year 50 weeks ago

Regarding papertrails on voting mschines, King County Washington has immediately read able papertrail. Post election, part of the audit proceedure includes verifying that the digital results are the same as the paper record.

Regarding judges, there has been a late, massive infussion of money into the State Supreem Court races to try to replace the incumbants.

norske's picture
norske 1 year 50 weeks ago

"There is no pill to fix stupid." This was Thom speaking to a caller yesterday who stated that they would not vote for Clinton. So, apparently, if you do not agree with Thom on voting for Clinton, you are either a Republican stooge, a paid GOP operative, or just "stupid." It has been very dissapointing to observe Thom's slide into irrelevance as a Democratic Party apparatchik and apologist for all things Obama, Clinton, and the Democratic Party along the lines of Miller, Thompson and every other faux progressive on TV and radio... The US is in dire need of a true progressive personality on TV/radio who uses the truth as their sole metric rather than party loyalty and that which is politically expedient...

DdC's picture
DdC 1 year 50 weeks ago

There are only two reasons not to vote Clinton. Dumb and Dumber. Either a 3rd party dumb irrelevant side liner or even Dumber GOPervert. Bernie conceded before the convention. Yet his followers make up half of Clinton's constituents. More than willing to question her and a necessary means to ward off the GOPervert obstructionists. Already mustering to steal more of our taxes not representing anyone but themselves. Or the Trumpet's lapdogs and profiteers wanting to cash in. Jumping out of their socks to join Drumpf with another endless dribble of peeping toms peering into bedroom windows. GOPervert's drooling over personal emails is sick. Transparency in government is one thing, and necessary. Stealing the emails of private citizens working for the government. To stack an already stacked deck with CU and Vote Buster Bundy Cartels. Breaking and entering a private citizens domain during an election is Déjà vu. a Cyber Watergate. Sleazy Donald and his good ole boys last hoorah, Taking the Party of Lincoln to Ford's Theatre to await their inevitable destiny.

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The Thom Hartmann Program - Aug 30th 2018

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