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Happy Holidays from Everyone at The Thom Hartmann Program - Your Home for The Resistance - Coming Up on Today's Program:

In for Thom today, please welcome Alex Lawson, Social Security Works/We Act Radio

- We Need a Media Revolution - Richard Eskow, Campaign For America's Future/The Zero Hour

- District 13...Bringing the Resistance to Washington, DC - Activist Nadine Bloch

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ardfalten 1 year 41 weeks ago

alex, i was on hold but got cut off. please excuse caps.

dems have to go on the offensive and do something different. imo the biggest political mistake in history is the left's ignorance of rw talk radio. there will be no media revolution until the left stops ignoring rw radio. fox is rw radio's ugly little brother but gets all the credit. trump is the talk radio candidate, and now 'president'.

at a cheap $1000/hr x 15hrs/day x 1200 stations, rw talk radio is worth 4.68 BIL$/ year or 390MIL$ /month FREE for coordinated global warming denial, pro republican wall st think tank propaganda, free market deregulation bullshit, swiftboating, and the hate and fear used to get people to vote republican.

the absurd thing is that the rw radio psyops is heavily dependent on our universities. at there is a list of 88 major unis that broadcast sports on 257 limbaugh stations. the total numbers are signficantly higher. the stations fly the sports banners to parasitize the uni's community cred and attract advertizing, and use that to pay to sell global warming denial, defund public ed, fight student loan reduction, sell pretexts for voter suppression legislation, etc. they have no excuse. are the schools going to wait until the gulf stream stops and europe freezes? or when the stations put KKK banners next to the sports banners? their mission statements would prohibit it. those unis are all legitimate places to protest anything trump until they start looking for apolitical alternatives. students could maintain continuous protests.

talk radio does the groundwork repetition for everything the right and trump does/says. in ny mag april 3/2016 gabriel sherman quotes trump advisor as saying they listened to thousands of hours of talk radio to report to trump. that's why he 'won' outweighing EVERY other factor. dems have to ask why how bush, palin, and trump could even get close to the white house. that's where the social security lie became common. that is how they made the birther, emails, benghazi, etc. acceptable in the msm. rw radio was talking about millions of illegal voters on radio all summer - all hillary had to do was say "that's what limbaugh and sons said, but that doesn't make it true, donald".

most of the activism the left/dems/liberals are doing is half as effective because they ignore rw radio. protests don't work because we let a few hundred radio blowhards yell over us without complaining. when politicians and media see us protesting at those universities the gop will freak out, media will notice, and pols and media will stop being managed, enabled, and intimidated by 1200 radio stations. when trump and the gop hacks get a RUSH tattoo on their foreheads they will be done. it is not a coincidence that ALEC finally got success and the record partisanship coincides temporaly with reagan killing the fairness doctrine in 1987 and the right forming that monopoly. fox and media deregulation came 10 years later in 96. it started with talk radio and to end it we have to end their talk radio advantage.

rw radio is the ONLY major medium that has NO significant political counterpoint. i want thom on a few hundred stations - that's all it would take to move the country 20 points left. it won't happen till the left stops ignoring rw radio and it stays mom and pop harmann vs limbaugh/wall mart. until the left stops ignoring rw radio real democracy is impossible and trump will be able to spin any coming event any way they want to give us the next disasstrpous war. we have to get majorities in 2 years and it won't happen without going affensive vs rw radio. like i said, the biggest political mistake in history.


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