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Coming up today on The Thom Hartmann Program - Your Home for the Resistance:

- Thom shares: "My Bizarre Experience of Watching Cable News in America on Earth Day."

- Planet Size Change Starts Here... - Alysia Reiner, Orange is the New Black/Cool Effect

- LePen is Winning Because Globalism is Dying - Paris Based Journalist, Cole Stangler

- Flint's Water Woes Continue w/Protestor Arrests... LaTricea Adams, Black Millenials for Flint

...LIVE from Washington, DC starting at 12pm Eastern...


zapdam's picture
zapdam 1 year 11 weeks ago

WHAT the HELL is going on at ? Today is Tuesday April 25th and the Hartmann site hasn't allowed an update since the 20th of the month. Is someone trying to destroy participation? If that is true, why not be honest and shut the blog site down.

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