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RenegadeLightWorker's picture
RenegadeLightWorker 6 days 17 hours ago

This is totally off topic but we need to get the word out on free energy:

zapdam's picture
zapdam 6 days 2 hours ago

Well congratulations Thom Hartmann site, you've managed to destroy what once was an active fiesty liberal Web site. It took you almost a week for this last batch of posts to pass the Thom Hartmann censor, minus I'm sure numerous posts because half mine are missing. In fact the ones you posted weren't my first choice, wonder who the all seeing all knowing censor is who makes the decision which posts should live or die. From the 24 hour response to the last batch of posts is any indication, Tom Hartmann you've managed to frustrate enough people here, that no one cares to comment. Thom Hartmann preaches involvement then stifles activity through censorship.

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The Bizarre Experience of Watching Cable News in America on Earth Day

Just exactly what the hell are they afraid of? Are the fossil fuel billionaires, corporations, and lobby really so strong that they can cow entire television networks and newspapers? Not to mention politicians?