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I think Gar Alperovitz’s new book, What Then Must We Do?, Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution, should be of great interest to you and all others across the globe who despair over the stranglehold capitalism increasingly has on our lives and vital institutions. Seymour Hersh identifies professor Alperovitz as the “intellectual leader of the economic-democracy movement,” and then makes this claim for his new book: “Alperovitz has produced the most compelling account yet of how we can move beyond the piecemeal, project by project transformation of our political economy to truly systemic change. A must read for anyone who cares about the future of the United States and the world.”

Daniel Ellsberg nicely sums of the circumstances Alperovitz describes and confronts: “There can be neither peace, nor democracy, nor social justice until we change the system that underpins the American empire and the policy-crippling misdistribution of wealth. For decades, Gar Alperovitz has been at the forefront of attempts to understand what could lie beyond our increasingly broken system of corporate capitalism.” Moreover, “This book offers by far the most serious, intellectually grounded strategy for system-changing yet to appear.” Therefore, “It could be the most important movement-building books of the new century….”

For those who would like an introduction to Gar Alperovitz, the man, a worldly, down-to-earth intellect, how he came to write this conversational book, and what his intentions were, I encourage you to visit his website: Lots of interviews, links, etc.

You might also consider looking at his ten ways to democratize our broken economy at:

I think Gar Alperovitz would be a great guy for Thom to become familiar with. If he did, I’m pretty sure we would be hearing him on the show. I think Alperovitz’s democratic goals and the many concrete “evolutionary” examples he presents in his new book and other places, along with the various strategies that have been developed suggest robust ways for citizens everywhere to get involved, to move beyond making phone calls, writing emails and otherwise participating in a political system that is increasingly divorced form the people’s lives, needs, and dreams. Here’s a “new” movement worth paying attention to, an alternative that might actually get some serious traction.

Bob Cox


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