Yes. De-Stress Black Neighborhoods.

Change the collective "mind of the community". Make education and working the mindset of the many. Out number the negative forces in the community . If there's 100 gang members, there should be 500 new jobs. Make the "gangs" who are working and going to school larger than the "gangs" who are doing illegal stuff. Everybody wants to be in the biggest, best "gang".

Create more and better paying jobs. This will allow working people to out number non-working folks. Those who are creating havoc would be out numbered and sheer numbers would help to change the environment. This would make the working "gangs" look more desirable.

Better schools for kids. These kids need more and better real education and support based on what they need not on standardized tests.

More and better affordable educational opportunties for the older learner, starting at the "drop-out" age. Making education free with a higher GPA almost defeats the purpose of offering free education. The kids with the lower GPA are the ones who can't get scholarships now and won't be able to get them if education is free.

More training programs for all populations.

Real subtance abuse treatment should be available for all who desire it.

Putting this all together will change the "collective mind" of the community.