I wrote this BEFORE the election. I was worried about Obama not making it because of fou play like 2000.

So please forgive the words I used as I was speaking from a soldiers heart and only want to spark thouhtful thinking.

We are all to get involved in where we want our country to go.

One inch or less?

When I was four years old my mother’s boyfriend Dean Graham gave me a gift. It was two tiny plastic cars which had magnets sealed inside them. Dean placed one of the cars on a table and said, ‘watch this’ as he placed the other car behind the car on the table. To my amazement the car in front started to move forwards at a fast pace with nothing touching it. Was this magic? I believed I experienced magic right before my eyes at that very moment. Dean looked at me and said that it was in fact, not magic but rather the 50% solution. I had no idea what he was talking about then as I don’t to this day, except from that moment on I searched for the solution.

Those two magnets are still with me and I pull them out every now and again and feel ‘the power’ they put out. As I grew older I read everything I could get my hands on concerning electro magnetism and how it demonstrated the 50% solution right in my hands. 50% push VS 50% pull.

From Tesla to Edison from Edison to Einstein from Einstein to quantum physics it’s all about the 50% solution and I still wonder what it is all about.

It shows itself in everything we see and hear every day of our lives. It is puzzlement.

I wondered if it has the same effect on the human condition and mind set. Has anyone explained mass-hysteria in which good people do evil things at the turn of a phrase? Are the Know-Nothings back, voting against the Want- to- knows? Are those 6% undecided the I-Knows? Who- knows, or Who cares?

Right now we all are experiencing the 50% push and pull in the election between the center rights, ‘save the Wall Street boys’ Obama, (Obama saved the ‘boys’) to the radical rights, Plutocrat Willard, who wants the Bush/ neo-con polices to come back.

The polls tell us, with less than a week to go, that the election is a toss- up. Half of the voters want a Plutocrat (also a Wall Street boy) and the other half want the Wall Street boy.How is this even possible? What power is forcing half of the voters one way and the others another way? Is it magic or is something else going on? It’s a puzzlement right? I mean the women are split 47% to 47% for Christ sake!

Push and pull, up and down, in and out or is it as simple as black and white?Mitt is the last white man’s hope and Obama is the bastard, commie loving nigger. How is it possible that 50% of voters believe that Obama tried but failed to bring the economy back fast enough from the mess the Repugs handed him and those same Repugs want to bring back the polices that put Obama in this place to begin with?Out of 24 boys behind Mitt 17 are neo-cons.

Where is this elusive ‘free will’ that the human animals have? What kind of power controls Mitts 50% VS Obama’s 50%? Didn’t we have a war over this in 1860? Half the voters want to put the white man back into the White House and the other half want to keep the Black Man, but make him use the ‘colored- only’ bathroom.

America was 50% nigger haters in 1860 and somehow after all these years is, 50% ‘whites- only,’ in 2012. Is free will nothing more than a myth and everything is set as in the Jesus Christ Super Star song?

America is an exceptional nation indeed and the math proves it for at least 50% of us anyway. Then again how exceptional is the United States of America if the voters condone voter suppression?Hey what’s that sound? Everybody look at what’s going down. Do we really deserve the government we have? Exceptional indeed!

Personally I have experienced the 50% solution many times in my life where I had a 50% chance to either live or die. And the scary thing is that while I was experiencing this, I knew it was real. After an incident I said to myself, “Holy Shit I just survived certain death where if I had moved a ‘hair’ I would have been killed right then and there.” I’m talking about dozens of times not a few. I will whip up three off the top of my head right now; Once

I was in the last squad of my platoon as our company was doing a ‘force march’ to yet another firefight in three days on the hunt for Charlie. Actually being in the last squad, marks you as an easy target and just as or even more than ‘walking point’ it is to say, at least, intense.By this time I was the real deal, a C.I.B. awarded combat paratrooper, so I knew, that the poor trooper at the rear of the squad was a ‘Cherry,’ scared shitless so I walked back to assure him we had his back. At that very moment I received a call from the CO telling me to stop and take five. It was well over a hundred degrees and I was carrying, in addition to my PRIC-25 radio at 29lbs, I was loaded for bear with another 65lbs of combat shit.

I had some small talk with the last man then took a seat by leaning up on a hillside off the trail we were on. One of the most terrifying sounds in Vietnam was the AK-47 at any distance. Before I could even realize that was the sound I was hearing, I was hit by a dozen AK-47 rounds. The bullets took off my Radio, web-gear and pieces of my clothes and seemed to surround my entire body. “There is nothing more exhilarating,” Churchill once said, “than to be shot at without result.”The rest of the squad returned suppressing fire and then there was silence. I awoke from ‘fear’ and found myself lying on the trail face down. I heard the voice of my CO on my PRIC-25 asking me what the Hell is going down. I told him I don’t know what happened because I was just killed in action.

However I do know this much, if I would have so much as flinched I would have died right there and then as I did not have free will…A 50% solution?

Another time our company was trying to hump their way from where they were to where they wanted to be when darkness caught up with us. We were now where we didn’t want to be. The CO marched us up on this mountain hilltop which in itself was surrounded by many mountain hilltops. It started raining as in ‘monsoon rain’ and we scampered up to the top of the mountain and dug in. It was dark as in, ‘deepest darkest part of the jungle’ type of dark. The sound of the rain was relentless but who among us was going to bitch as we get to pretend we were resting. Around three a.m. the rain stopped. Things started to get really scary about this time.

Word came down the line to get ready and be alert. Then word came down that we were to take off our valuables, you know, rings, letters, photos and bury them where you’re taking a stand and be quick about it. Then word came down to ‘fix –bayonets’ and do not fire until all hell breaks out. Burying my whatnots was not a good thing and fixing my bayonet was even worse. Again, the sound of silence was a horror all onto itself. Then came the sound, of men walking towards us, many, many, many men. We were all frozen in place on that hilltop and not a soul moved a muscle. The next thing I heard was whistles. And the very moment a whistle sounded I noticed a different movement in the men below us. These movements went on for hours! Thousands of Hard Core VC marched around our position and didn’t notice us. Or did they and didn’t give a shit?

I do know this if anyone of us even farted we would have all 125 of us died right then and there. 50% solution?

And I also knew this, that there was no way out of the darkness for an experienced hunter-killer. Once the Army knows you are a killer, that you will kill people willingly and efficiently, they will not let you out. The only way would be to shoot yourself or have somebody else shoot you, but you must stay there and do your time – except if one were foolish enough to volunteer, to go to a more dangerous duty assignment, then they would let you go. And what could be more dangerous than being in the ‘101st Screaming Eagles’ No Slack unit, in the middle of this god-damned war?

I was told the only thing more dangerous than the present duty was door gunner on a helicopter gunship. I thought, really? “Oh yeah, door gunners have a 50-50 chance of being shot down every time they go out.”

A 50% chance of getting shot down? Well let’s see, I was in the No Slack, and I had about an 84% chance as an RTO of getting shot every time I went out. Fifty percent chance VS eighty-four percent chance? I could do that math and I did not give a rat’s ass how bad it was. If I was going to die, I would sure as hell rather go down being blown out of the clean fresh sky than crawling around in the muck and stink on the ground.

I thought of how many times I had been out there crawling around sucking up fear, thinking I was going to die, with my asshole puckering. I’d see those gunship flyers zooming over at 80 knots, guns blazing away, to protect my sorry dog ass. As I watched them fly off to their safe base camp I realized those chopper warriors had it made.

There is nothing scarier than when your CO says, “Fix bayonet.” That is the most frightening thing any soldier will ever hear in his life. Well, maybe, when you hear the words coming down the battle line to take off your valuables and bury them. Or maybe the times on ambush when you hear the sound of the enemy marching towards your position only not to open fire because everyone with you realize that it isn’t just a squad but rather the sounds of a thousand warriors walking by your unit of a hundred souls. –And I had fixed my bayonet many times. I had looked in the face of the most intimate combat with the enemy.

Many times, I could see the whites of their eyes as we fought one another. I knew their jungle stench. I knew the desperation of a man losing his bleeding grasp on life. I knew what it was like to reach over and stuff your best friend’s guts back in his body.

Every warrior has a rendezvous with destiny, and I had no illusions about being able to change when or if my dying might happen, but I could change where it might happen. I wanted to be flying. I had been an airborne paratrooper, but that only meant that we jumped from a plane which I did being the 7th man out of the 1st jump plane in Vietnam since D-Day, or an air assault from a slick to a battle site. That was not flying. It was just a quicker way to get from one foxhole to another. I was still just an infantryman taking his chances on the ground.

There was no comparing the two choices. No member of the air support in a combat situation, even while going through flak, missile attacks, having his plane shot out from under him and having to jump, would EVER change places with a combat grunt engaging in hand-to-hand combat. The infantry would gladly have changed places with any outfit in a heartbeat, even in a combat situation, as no one saw more in-your-face action more of the time than the dog faced grunt infantry. My decision had been easy, for no matter how bad things got as a door-gunner, I knew that if I made it back from a mission, I would have clean hot food, a shower, a cold beer, a warm whore, and dreams, sweet safe dreams. 50% solution? Then again, maybe not….

So what does that have to do with anything? I know that while I was experiencing the 50% solution in combat I did not have any free will. I could not move as some power stopped me and it had nothing to do with fear. The feeling I was experiencing was the same as the feelings I felt from the magnet cars. I’m saying it was the same thing the same power. That power from the magnets was not fear but rather freedom.

Think back before the Revolutionary War when half of the colony’s wanted to stay with the King and the other half wanted to break away. Think back when our country won the Revolutionary War and 50% of our citizens wanted George Washington to be our new King instead of a President. Or the Civil War, where 50% of our countrymen wanted to dissolve the union. Now we are 50% who want Plutocrats and Corps to rule over us rather than a represented form of government. Free will does not apply here either unless the 6% undecided are in fact the free will’ers?Who are these undeciders? Who are we?

That power from the magnets was not fear but rather freedom.We are stardust!Let’s all enjoy the ride……….


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