It still seems that the LLsDs (left/liberals/some democrats) are still playing defense to the right’s continuous offense and intractability.

WE – whoever that is – just need to have a different conversation.

What kind of world do we want?

The right clearly thinks that they bear no responsibility of taking care of anyone except themselves.

If you’re poor, it’s your fault!!! I have the right to exploit you as much as I want, and if you don’t exploit me back, it’s cause you’re week.

So, instead of fighting the rich and special interests and the constant yelling about socialism

Talk about real values – what do the rich owe the rest of us. They think it’s unfair to contribute more to the society that created the opportunity for them to be wealthy. Is it unfair to ask them to give back? Ron Paul and the other repubs think that we should be indebted to the rich because they provide the jobs. They’re not providing jobs now though, and what’s more, they are taking our jobs and moving them to other countries.

Dylan Ratigan put up a list of the 6 industries that make up the majority of our economy: They are oil, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, tobacco, insurance, and weaponry. And all of these need major overhaulsing if our economy and our society are going to progress at all.

And so what we should be talking about is what kind of society do we want. What does the world look like when the poor and middle class are indebted to the rich -- Scrooge. What does the world look like when the poor and middle class are protected from great and given an equal leg up in what we all need -- clean air and water, good food, a good education and health promotion.

By the way, I’m working on a book called Love, God and Sex: A path to spiritual intimacy.

Forget politics. Sex is much more interesting. Kidding, kinda.



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