Death by a thousand cuts is death none the less.

I have written several times about my belief the Donald Trump or my preferred term House Trump to encompass his constellation of captured satellite-individuals, has been under the control of and following the instructions from the crime organization headed by V. Putin. The goal of POUTS Trump appears to be the reduction of the U.S. Government into a state of chaos one small cut at a time.

One arm of our governmental system, the Justice Department as manifest by the Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, has been acting within the strictures of U.S. law and is taking great pains to methodically assemble the truths about lawlessness of House Trump and especially POTUS Trump.

Muller’s products will most probably advance the tales one small step at a time until the knowable is there for all of us to see.

At the same time House Trump and the Trump administration is slicing away at the rule of law and also the protection of the U.S. Constitution one small nip at a time.

Death by a thousand cuts is death none the less.

The question is who's death?


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gumball 42 weeks 2 days ago

I find all this Russia stuff funny, everyone acting like this is the greatest travesty since 9/11.

OF COURSE Russia was trying to influence our election, this has been going on for YEARS! What do you think the purpose of RT is? Why do you think Putin brought on Thom to his network? Why do you think he paid Bill Clinton 500k for a silly speech? Why do you think Russian intelligence fed the Clinton campaign the material in the Steele dossier?

It is all to sow discontent in the US and cause us to fight amongst ourselves. The joke is on him though, we don't need any help on that front lol

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