I know this sounds crazy, but does anyone think that there could be a clue in this oil disaster as to why the Mayan Calendar abruptly ends in 2012?


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fourarrows 9 years 32 weeks ago

We ARE bleeding but....

Oil Rigs and Shrimp Trawlers: Same Problem, Different Vehicle

Last week I told my wife “If I hear anyone else refer to the plight of those who earn a living in the shrimp industry I am going to scream.” Well, I just listened to a radio segment telling a sad story about how a shrimp fisherman, whose family had been in the business for many generations, is going to have to find other work as a result of the British Petroleum oil catastrophe.

“Come on people!” (This represents my scream on paper). It is time to wake up. It is good that the shrimp trawlers and the coastal shrimp farmers will suffer or go out of business because of the oil tragedy. In fact, if enough go out of business, the effect would neutralize to some degree the horrible destruction of fisheries and ocean flora and fauna that the oil spill will continue to cause.

Please don’t get me wrong. I empathize with the shrimpers. On a person to person level, it should always make us sad when we see someone’s traditional livelihood taken away over night. However, if the general population of consumer oriented citizens, including politicians and t.v./radio commentators, were aware of the social and ecological consequences of our shrimp addiction, just maybe we would also start being more mindful about the real problems that connect BP’s ecological impact to our personal choices. If we could gain this perspective, maybe our grandchildren might have a chance to enjoy the beauty of life on Earth. Perhaps fresh water, clean air and healthy oceans would exist for them.

Dear reader, do you have any idea how destructive of fisheries and ocean ecology shrimp trawling and farming are? If you are like I was several years ago and are like most people I meet, the answer is “no.” I won’t detail the issues here. You merely need to spend an hour on the Internet, or read my booklet, The Shrimp Habit: Why it is Devastating Our World and What You Can Do About it. By the way, this is not an advertisement per se. All profits go to Oceans Revolution (http://www.oceanrevolution.org/), another place where you can learn about the significant problems associated with French fried shrimp, shrimp cocktails, etc. that make shrimp the most profitable seafood in the world and the most deadly for the environment..

OK, I assume at this point you do not aware of the shrimp business issues. I will also take the negative position that you are not likely going to do the research to find out. An even worse presumption on my part (based on experience) is that because you don’t want to stop eating shrimp in some form, even if your curiosity caused you to do the research, you would dismiss the facts because you don’t want to change your lifestyle. The habit and convenience (and taste) would ultimately be more important than preventing by-catch death (of more than 400 other forms of ocean life), ocean floor destruction, species extinction, chemical pollution, ocean apoxia, ground water contamination, murder, rape, child labor, and genocide that relate to your shrimp habit.

Well, if we can’t stop eating shrimp after knowing the truth about what our consumption habits are doing to the oceans and coasts, how on Earth can we stop our over-consumption of oil? Charging BP to pay for shrimp farmers to get new boats is not a solution to the problem facing us. Sure, I’m all for BP having to pay costs to compensate shrimpers and everyone else, but after BP is held accountable, we should begin a major boycott not only of shrimp but of any drop of oil beyond that which we absolutely need until we employ more sensible forms of energy.


Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa)

I prefer my Indian name, but for those who will instantly reject what I’ve said because I am an “Indian” author, I include my Anglo name (Don Trent Jacobs) with my Anglo credentials (Ph.D., Ed.D.) My website is www.teachingvirtues.net.

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Novemberfox 9 years 32 weeks ago

We scream and morn the lost blood of 11 oil workers mixed with the blood of the earth. Yet 1 million innocent people have had their blood spilled while we steal the blood of the earth from under their still warm bodies.

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