If memory serves me correctly the evangelical movement started in ernest during the 1970's. At which point it became radically right, I do not know, But well I know, the evangelical movement has become a nightmare for America, and has been exclusively taken over by the Republican Party. While claiming to want smaller government and being for the people they conversely want to force all of their radical beliefs on all American's and if necessary destroy those American's who will not roll over to their way of thinking. As I look back at the last four Republican appointee's to the supreme court (Scalia, Thomas, Aleto & Roberts) it appears to me that these people most likely were not the most qualified for the Supreme Court, but rather are people who will jump through hoops to do the bidding of the Republican hierarchy. Honestly, I had not thought too much about that until this last runup to the 2010 election and noticing that the republican (Tea Party) candidates supported financially and media wise wouldn't score high enough on a standard IQ test to get accepted into any respectable school. In other words people who would do anything required of them by the Republican hierarchy. I believe therefore that the Republican Party is executing a plan over time to purposely fill the supreme court and the house and senate with puppets who will do their bidding. This then is their grand Design. It will take years to accomplish and at a pace that most American's will not even notice. Remember the demonstration wherein the professor puts a frog in a pan of shallow water, and gradually turns up the heat? The Frog never seems to notice and within a short period of time the frog is dead. America your Frog may be cooked and no one seems to have the balls or even a plan to avert it.


dhavid 8 years 42 weeks ago

In the seventies i was an evangelical christian. I even went to an evangelical seminary for a year in 1975. It wasn't radically right then, it seems. Abortion was the hot issue, and Repubs were against it. That was the hitching point. Jimmy Carter was a serious christian, but held a separation. Then the evangelicals got into politics - Pat Robertson and the rest. By the time Bush 2 got in office, it was ok for him to say that his "heavenly father" gave him the ok to kill a bunch of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Told him to! And it just keeps getting weirder and weirder!

Spottedal wrote, " It will take years to accomplish and at a pace that most American's will not even notice."

It look to me like it's already pretty much done. Supreme court judges are appointed for life, and none of the ones you mentioned seem very old. The congress already is mostly owned by the banksters and corporations. Feingold and Grayson were ousted with mega-money from the same. And the military kills innocent victims in God's name. (The soldiers seem to have adopted/abducted Jesus.)

Where will things go from here?

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