I am not conscience-stricken to give access to comprehension that I once believed that Trump and Administration would take up a position to respect and fulfill the many essentials necessary for human growth in this country. I believed this because so many of us are not receiving substantial income and benefits. I reasoned with that because he is a successful business person, who obviously knew how to ‘crunch numbers’ and would bring capitalism into alignment for everyone’s financial success and peaceful survival.

President Trump, seemingly unable to embrace diversity, is a shrewd business creature, who has coerced aversion and proven that disrespect fractures alignment with America’s allies, when adverse intimations are launched at civilizations that need assistance out of anguish, pain and degradation.

In that America encompasses all nationalities, it is childish, crude and uncivil to display a vile attitude to the society and allies our country relies upon. President Trump appears to only desire certain races to enter the United States. The, so called, founding fathers bullied their way into the new world and hurt inhabitants, who had respect for and made peace with the land.

How can you remain as Commander in Chief of the United States of America, when you disrespect human life?


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dolphinrose 48 weeks 1 day ago

Ronny Jackson and any other doctor who examines Trump fear for their life ,and their livelihood, so of course whomever the doctor is, no matter how much integrity they have, will say he's in excellent health, even while its obvious he is not. Besides mental issues he is overweight, and it seems he eats a horrible diet, so to say he's in excellent health can't be right, maybe fair to good, but excellent is a lie, or ignorant. Though I have known many people whose doc says they are healthy even while having a long list of issues. And many docs are unhealthy themselves . The doc and Trump can cherry pick what they want the public to see , which is legal, so there is no way to ever get to the truth of his physical or mental health. Of course they will not say anything but the best. Its delusional to think any doctor in the US would tell us the truth. Trump intimidates everyone, and based on whats happened so far, he's good at ruining peoples lives and their livlihood. What Doctor would want to risk losing their job! Think about it.

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zapdam. 48 weeks 8 hours ago

The IRONY is Trumps being USED by the ultra conservative republican party AND for the most part he's fulfilled his usefulness to the party , NOW he's a liability and must be dispatched as soon as possible, before he further damages their brand name, if that were possible.

Coalage3 47 weeks 6 days ago

Its not Trump that needs examined, its the Left in this country that has become unhinged and dysfunctional. Just read the Trump threads on this forum for proof. The hatred of Trump has taken away any semblance of reasonableness, or rationality, that once existed in the Left.

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