It is unfair and rather wildly unreasonable to disrespect individuals who are indigent.

In the case of arrest and bail, such as the charge of 242 California Penal Code (Battery), a person yeilding a reasonably high income may be booked and released on bail, let's assume in the amount of $500.00. That person may be released immediately, should she or he decides to spend the money.

There are no choices for the poor, when food for them is scarce; $2,000 per month for rent is only a dream; baby diapers, for most, is a strain on the household; the only choice many have is to find a way to keep warm or freeze.

$500.00 to most, when bail is demanded, is unreachable in this downward economy.

It appears interpretly collusion when capitalism supports or sides with the wealthy and subjects disciplinary exertions on the poor.


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