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February 5, 2015 - Yikes! I knew that I was overdue for a complete physical - it had been a few years since I had one - so I decided to schedule one for after my 56th birthday. I just got the results from all of the blood work, and it is bad news across the board. My blood sugar level is elevated, putting me squarely into the pre-diabetic range and my cholesterol levels are high, putting me at a greater risk of heart disease (9% risk of a heart attack over 10 years). This is a real surprise to me, in light of the fact that I have been a vegetarian for 7 months now. I was really proud of myself for that, and in my mind, I had imagined Dr. O'Sullivan congratulating me for having "such good lab results for a man your age."

But even worse than that, the lab results for my PSA came back high at 8.16 ng/mL. This is not a good thing. The normal range is 0.06 - 3.50 ng/mL, and I have a family history of Prostate CA - Dad had it, and had his prostate removed. I don't remember how old he was when he had that done, but I think he was much older than I am now.

I am told to schedule a repeat PSA, and followup with Urology. The first appoint they have is a month out.

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

Thom plus logo The big debate among democratic circles is about the word socialism. It really needs to be about the word freedom. Billionaires claim that freedom means no taxes for the billionaires. Industrialists claim that freedom means no regulation for their industries.