Hey Dems, It always pays to check out the competition: Who knows when you'll find a genuine bargain at a much lower price ... and in more ways than one.

Accuracy in Media, no fan of Clintonism, or even Bernie's cause, nevertheless did Bernie's campaign a favor by publishing this dig at Clinton's ties with Anna Winotour and how much more it's costing them to clad themselves with her garb, even what should be relatively inexpensive tees.

Bernie's tees, which are union made, go for only $25. Clinton's tees, which the campaign claims to have made by union hands, go for an extra $20. Now why would two competing Democratic contenders working with labor manage to produce roughly the same item, but one going for damn near twice the price as the other?

Must be Chillary's ties with the Anna Winotour, Vogue's boss, said to be the inspiration for the "Devil Wears Prada." The word "Chillary" belongs to her campaign who also deserve credit for using it to sell a pair (for ten bucks) of foam beer can holders.

There's something a bit odd about how the Clinton team is treating its volunteers all the while its leaders and surrogates are sniffin' at Bernie's socialist views on some matters. (Good luck getting them to admit Sanders turned Burlington's moribund city economy around. Like a lot of capitalists, he understood that a vibrant private economy based on a system that wasn't limited to picking winners and losers (Clintonian crony capitalism) was necessary to bringing Vermont's largest city up to where it is now.

The Clintons, keep on playing their same old style of political games all the while trying to convince the public how concerned they are for everybody (remember how Bill felt everybody's "pain"?) That they and their very, very wealthy pals and contributors to the Clinton Foundation might not have the slightest idea of what people really feel in terms of real pain when it comes to opening their wallets for things that shouldn't have to cost nearly double just because they're associated with the Clintons; even campaign tee shirts.

Admittedly, I'm too damn broke to be able to contribute even the minimum the Sanders' campaign is looking for, and boy, they aren't asking for much, folks. But I'll be damned if I sit back and find a story like this and not bring it to fore when it costs nothing but a little time out of my day to share this in a national forum to reach the widest number of eyes possible.

If this is any indication of how Mrs. Clinton and her Pradaites plan to run the government, there's a hell of a lot of other (yet possibly unspoken) reasons we can find in an inflated price for a campaign tee shirt to give us all a really, really bad and huuuge case of the chillaries. After all, I picked this info up through the people, who no matter whom they nominate, will use to their full advantage in the general campaign.

It's not always the big things that can sink a campaign, sometimes it's those little but very revealing oversights that can sink you, and deservedly so. I'll never forget my dad saying many decades ago, if you see a Democratic candidate's bumper sticker or anything he/she is using to get elected ... first look for the "bug." For all you young'ums ... I'll give you a hint: The "bug" is the stamp of the union shop that the campaign contracted with to produce the bumpersticker, labels, hate, you-name-its. "No bug, no vote," he say.

Thanks to Chillary's campaign and its upper echelons sniffin' down at Bernie's "socialists" and others who don't see nor share the same exalted views of the Clintonites who never saw a neoconservative scam they didn't think would fail on the public and want to trot out . . . now it appears as if we have to check out which union "bug" is on the materiel the Clintons are hawking and why such a contract was signed that inevitably screwed their Democrats out of an extra hard earned and saved $20 for each shirt.

Don't let up until you get a decent answer from Team Clinton. If she and her team cannot fight off whomever's gouging them on tee shirts for crying out loud, remind them to ditch that threadbare Al Gore line where he promised to "fight for you" too. If the Clintonites can't fight for cheaper tees, imagine what Big Pharma will do to our seniors drug prices and turn Medicare Plan D into a total joke. Now that's a chillin' thought we'll all need much heavier threads for than an over-inflated Hillary tee.


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