A single day doesn't pass without yet another major league security embarrassment emanating from the most incompetent WH administration. No wonder the Russians stationed a spy ship off the Delaware coast. Even they can't believe their luck and have to keep a ship off our shores to take it all in when they could just as easily use other less obvious means of spying. And to what end? An all out attack? I doubt that because they'd get clobbered and they know it. Blackmail. And the price of this blackmail won't be seen or even detected right off the bat.

No, there'll be little losses here and there to our right of free speech and ability to run for office and challenge incumbents. They'll cleverly find a new way to put in Parliament's Stamp Act and start enforcing higher qualifying fees to pay town clerks and state Sec's of State for taking out election papers. Legislation will get passed allowing politicians to sue people for damages even for simple letters to the editor. And the pols who'll be able to run will be vetted out well in advance. Tammany Hall meets the Kremlin. Gerrymandering will be passed into the Constitution somehow and who knows, maybe even some form of workplace slavery for indebtedness will find its way back in the law books.

Ah, but who am I to complain? The stock market posted its fifth straight day of record earnings and since Calvin Coolidge, one of Trump's GOP presecessors reminds us from our economic history texts that the "business of America is business," I should just "shut up" in the same way our leading papers should shut up in the words of Steve Bannon. Just go along. Question nothing. Even Calvin Coolidge wasn't buying into his own maxim during the aftermath of the Great Crash and repressive stands taken by his fellow Republicans during the Great Depression. He was a thrifty Yankee for sure, but over time, he mellowed enough to see what today's strongest and loudest defenders of the business over all mentality are too tightly strapped by their own ideological blinders to see the future wreckage they're causing for the day when the markets stop rising, or just crash altogether. Then and only then will they see that the business of America isn't just limited to business. As former Pres. Obama used to remind us now n' then, "We're better than that."

In our schools, our history will be rewritten and the authorhe s will be handpicked by the Betsy DeVoses in the Lewis and Carroll-land of private charter school systems sans regulations that'll be able to more or less legally able to steal from parents who paid good money for their kids to attend these places run by church denominations, no less. And why? No more regulations prohibiting such thefts. And if you write any public protest, guess what parents, you can be sued for exercising your opinion which won't be protected as free speech. In fact there won't be anything "free" left worth defending anymore. We'll all be at the mercy of modern day kleptocratic versions of the old European robber barons or boyars in Russia.

Little by little, what was America will only be a geographical mark on an ancient map.

And God help the person who dares to go public with "reminder warnings" based on that famous old German minister Dietrich Bonhoeffer's lament about how he'd notice one neighbor being hauled away after another only one day he'd answer the knock at the door, be greeted by authorities and have nobody there to defend him.


Legend 34 weeks 4 days ago

This is unpresidented!

Legend 34 weeks 4 days ago

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