This morning Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro nailed the GOP in the most direct and blunt way since the days when Alan Grayson, formerly a Congressman from Florida who famously bellowed out that the GOP's mantra was "Die, just go ahead and die." Well, pretty close, I'm running off the seat of seven years worth of stored memory and at the tender young age of 65, there's not much room left no thanks to all the hogwash the GOP has given us to store thanks to their Seven Years War against the poor, elderly, disabled, women, infants and children.

Guess what they're relying on as in the past, the ever growing gap between having a reasonably informed electorate, esp. of younger folks, and the present growing reality of having so many ill-informed and ill-behaved pols and the uncouth president to bully them along. And as usual, in order to get their way in winning this Seven Years War, lots of bluster, non-facts and confusion will be sown in order to get older taxpayers to knuckle under to "fiscal realities" that the safety net is done for, cooked and not worth saving, not to mention their favorite "alternative solution," leaving it all to the wonders of the market to render all our doubts asunder.

Wonder what could be up their sleeves now. During the Seven Year's War, or French and Indian Wars over here, Lord Jeffery Amherst is largely believed to have used smallpox laced blankets which he had his soldier offer the Indian tribes allied with France. (Hope I'm not giving away any ideas to Mr. Bannon.)

No, in today's Trumpian/GOP world, a confused set, or scrambled pile of really fake facts vs. not so untruthful or real facts, or facts that might be 90 percent true ... well, it's hard to tell, right, thank God for this institution that's dedicated to making sure our elderly and other recipients of necessary full Medicate services and coverage don't get the Trumpian fact-devoid equal to Amherst's bogus "peace blankets" there stands the

Easy to navigate your way around and find out what's really at stake and not what the professional boogymen from the RNC and BigMED and BigPharma want to you take in and die from excess hypertension caused by worry. While the Republicans in White House and Speaker Paul Ryan's "leadership team" are trying to force-feed today's version of Amherst's blankets, the are working hard to make sure clean facts are available for us to have in our life and death struggle to save our safety nets.

Look 'em up. Damn glad I did. This is one 65 year old young at heart guy from Massachusetts they won't get.


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zapdam 1 year 30 weeks ago

Alan Grayson a self made millionaire, a truly great American and humanitarian, a person who could easily have said who needs this and just walked away. For his efforts he's been subjected to right wing character assassination, humiliated and thrown out of office. Instead Florida voters reward the likes Marco Rubio and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. How do you protect willfully stupid people from themselves. Just more proof Americans are the stupidest f""king electorate on the planet.

If democrats started promoting truly liberal values and got rid of the old guard who themselves have out lived the stay and accumulated way to much baggage, we might see a forceful swing of the pendulum back to the left side.

If the democrats would muster some back bone and just block everything they can till mid terms, they might be able to pick up enough new seats to actually be an effective opposition. 22 months everything could so different. Dems have 23 seats up for election, the repubtards have 8.

Legend 1 year 30 weeks ago

Plus all seats in Congress are up for election.

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