Why be surprised to learn that the legal Flat-Earthers of the lawyerly crowd have bagged a Federal judge's seat. And who are they? None other than our same friends, and their fellow travellers in promoting "originalism," or judicial conservatism on 'roids when it comes to rolling back the clocks and calendars to their preferred pre-Brown v. Board of Education days. Let's face it, the Federalists and their "originalist" perspective on legal progress are a continually operative piece of work when it comes to tossing sand in the crankcase of legal and social advancement. If they had their way, we'd all be living (legally, at least) in much the same kind of WASP-dominated country designed to keep whites ahead, blacks behind or in bondage and poor whites out of sight except when the masters need enforcers of the social codes.

Take a look at Ian Milhiser's recent article about the nomination of a Rightist Blogger, er Federalist version of Flat-Eartherism in Think Progress (June 14, '17) and decide for yourself if the Federalist version of Berthers and Legal Flat Earther views doesn't call for a consistent drive to reverse racial progress made since Brown in the early Fifties? Or Boston during the mid-Seventies. Boy, do I have vivid memories about the latter case. One can only imagine Trump's legal eagles turning to the likes of a Pixie Palladino or Dapper O'Neill for advice on how to handle sensitive racial integration cases. Watching Trump's campaign last year and especially how he comported himself to win the hearts and minds of the most heartless and mindless voters was a tour de force right back down a memory lane that nominees like only John Keneth Bush, et al could provide. At least we can be thankful neither Palladino or O'Neill were lawyers or ready for Trump to nominate almost four decades later. He'd pick 'em. Count on that.


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