Okay, David Koch didn't buy out EWTN, which did buy out the ultra-conservative Catholic newspaper National Catholic Register and its website not long ago.

However, for all intents and purposes, he might as well have as you'll see after reading this story "Unions and the Church" by Joan Frawley Desmond which appeared Feb. 25th. Take a hard look at the majority of comments at the end of Ms. Desmond's article and you'll see what I mean. What appalled me was, despite my long and admittedly withering reply to one conservative anti-union reader and the conservative Catholic movement in general ... especially with regard to Gov. Walker's UNION-BUSTING tactics in Wisconsin ... I stood out alone. Not that I wanted to, and not that I merit any special thanks or praise, whatever of the sort. (If I'm wrong and missed somebody, my deeply sincerest apologies.)

It's the ideas we stand for, some of us who are decidedly socially conservative on religious and moral grounds ... which is our right ...but also fiscally liberal, which is also our right, seem to be accepted in rapidly shrinking ranks and this is disturbing.

The Religious Right in this country has been coopted by hard-core ideologues for so long on the social issues that when a clear socio-economic issue like this comes up, where abortion, homosexual rights issues, etc. don't have any part of the struggle, the nay-sayers and moral naggers are the first to point out how the union leadership went along with the liberals on these issues, thus tainting the whole movement; notwithstanding the simple fact that these issues are used as methods of pure distraction and division.

The Catholic Religious Right in this country which is trying to become more Roman than Rome, seems more interested in joining arms with the Religious RIght of of those within the hard-core old Moral Majority evangelico-politicos who've yet to find ways to shed their old economic plantation/sharecropping/right-to-work mentality ... and their new ideological tools, the Tea Party, and most of its middle class and working class poor members seem clueless or invincibly ignorant of the real motives of their political overlords, the Koch Brothers, Bradley Foundation, John Birchers, Fox "News", Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin, Coulter, and Ingraham ... and they want to promote and maintain a permanent one-party state of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy. Or, should I have said "Predestined." But that'd give ... hopefully still ... our more Catholic conservatives some pause for thought ... unless they, too haven't succumbed to the "health and wealth" gospel of hard-core evangelico-right wing nonsense.

"Don't hang out with those union bosses who also have pro-gay rights activists or pro-abortion supporters in their ranks, but take sides with people who are committing mortal sins we approve, such as public theft through no-bid contracts given out to cronies, thus depleting budgets so the big boys can say with "plausible denial" that all of a sudden the state's are "broke" ... thus a lot of union busting will have to occur; much like Stalin breaking eggs to get his morning omelets. And heavens, don't point out the huge theft against workers when their unions are busted. That'd look awfully bad within some conservative Catholic publications and other media outlets."

Indeed, things are starting to look that bad in that corner of the Church. TIme to call out the sextons and pray they belong to a UNION.

For God's and your fellow Catholic and non-Catholic brothers and sisters who are standing up against this Koch lackey and UNION-BUSTING governor in Wisconsin, give them your prayers, support and solidarity. Don't be distracted or dismayed by the cheap appeals to moral issues that have no direct bearing on the issue of whether or not people will be able to freely organize to obtain and defend collective bargaining rights. Stand firm and focused!


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