How 'bout some objectivity about the Kochs and their company?

By using the word "stuff" the question itself is leading and wants to nudge the reader into making a judgment insofar as to whether or not Koch Industries ... as separate from the Koch brothers, Charles and David, just wants the American (and its international markets) to just buy whatever they put out, regarless whether the products offer real value. It's just "stuff."

I guess one might say Georgia Pacific lumber supplies are pretty popular with many carpenters and especially building contractors, no matter what their particular political views happen to be. From Charles' on down, Koch Industries relies upon its Market Based Management (which seems to have done pretty well for the company just going by any reliable retail and industrial statistical research firm) because it forces the company to put the interests of the buying public first and foremost.

It's time to start separating Koch Industries from the political leanings of the Koch brothers. Otherwise, continuing to slam and smear an entire company of 60,000 workers, a third of which happen to be unionized, too) just to "get' at the firm makes progressives look foolish, much like Harry Reid. This drumbeat's gone too long. At least compared to hedge-funder George Soros ... who produces what ???? ... at least the Kochs make their products here at home and the natives, with apologies to Madison Avenue, like what they make for so many different positive purposes.

Time To Expel Rep Steve King From the House?

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