I thought folks would find this post interesting. It’s from a physics website. There are other interesting and alarming posts, as well.


“The problem is the pressure coming out of the fissure they have created in the mhorovicic discontinuity layer. The Top fill just forced it to find another route to the surface. Hence Guatemala. San Andreas and Missouri fault lines are also seeing a major spike in activity now.”

If they don't fuse the gap in the Moho soon they could well trigger Yellowstone!!!!!




Tumulo Jack's picture
Tumulo Jack 9 years 7 weeks ago

Possible. Currently I would suggest the following solution:

Solution Gulf Oil Spill

Based on Chaos Theory and Random Dispersal of Hot Liquid, do the following:

  • Secure an alloy ring around the perimeter of the present fissure
  • Attach a flexible tepee of impenetrable-by-oil material that is heat proof, (flexes with ebb/flow of hot oil upwards)
  • Channel the flow of heated oil nto a contained area where it is pumped into tankers or coagulated with non-toxic, reusable vegetable based compounds that clump the material and put it into a secured float state for controlled processing.
  • Pump quick setting material into base of tepee, in a series, that progressively caps the well long enough to more permanently seal it and allow extensive engineering for long term containment.

This should not be too difficult. BP certainly has the materials needed, let alone our own resources, Federal and State.

This will work in a timely manner but I have no idea how to penetrate the hysteria blocCking contact to those that might do something. Perhaps this blog will pivot the idea to the right folks.

Carl, Christine and Paul covered this idea on the 24th. Horizon's PR arm also took the info but it was very low key and amateur.

Tumulo Jack

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