• NYT Reader Comment:
  • "This is one of the most biased articles I have ever read anywhere. It uses every demeaning term possible to describe Sanders and his admirers... mad as hell fist pumping supporters, revolutions, venting anger, radical left politics, not entirely Marxist critique of America, grumpy demeanor, suspicion of all things 'feel good,' 'snarled,' etc. etc... reason he's attracting ever-growing crowds is that everyone knows that what he says is true. The only thing holding him back now is that not all voters have heard his message, and with smear jobs like this article. I'm not sure that they ever will..."

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "Apparently any Democrat who appeals to populist themes must be 'angry' and 'grumpy' and 'bellowing' (the parallels to Howard Dean's media treatment are unmistakable). In hewing to this maddeningly facile and lazy theme, Mr. Horowitz completely misses an important element... genuine and specific ills in society to which Sanders alone is speaking... Mr. Horowitz's sneering dismissal of the campaign shows quite clearly what Sen. Sanders is up against...

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "The language in this piece is carefully, cleverly selected to portray Senator Sanders as a senile, aggressive old bully compared with the supposed reasonable, presidential, Hillary Clinton. Even Times editorials on George W. Bush use more flattering language than this piece. How this escaped the editing process astonishes me..."

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "When did Rupert Murdoch buy the NY Times? The anti-Bernie Sanders campaign being waged by this paper belongs in the NY Post or on FoxNews. Please remember that good reporting omits editorial prejudices from articles. This piece is full of it. And yes, that sentence does have a double meaning."

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "Wow. So this is how mainstream media grudgingly profiles a candidate whose message fundamentally threatens the corporate structure that mainstream media rests on. You're not even trying to be fair. Bernie Sanders' message resonates because he is telling the truth..."

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "I think that the enthusiasm, intelligence, strong social conscience, and determination for real, positive change characterizes Bernie Sanders supporters far more than anger."

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "Bernie Sanders does not have a grumpy demeanor, on the contrary he builds a case for optimism that does not demean or repress the rights of latinos, pro-choice advocates, and followers of the "black lives matters" movement."

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "I was born in the USSR and escaped as a child with my family, so I could be expected to react with predictable outrage to words like "socialist" and "Marxist". Instead I just laugh. Talking of Sanders as if he were Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot rolled into one is an accurate measure not of his policies but of the abysmal ignorance of the American public... in Europe Sanders would be seen as center-left. His analysis of the American predicament is spot-on. You may argue with some of his solutions but there is nothing remotely radical about them..."

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "It sounds like people think what Bernie Sanders is proposing is really radical. Actually, it's just the same - and quite reasonable - stuff that most other western, industrialized countries have already had in place for decades. Britain, for example, has had the National Health Service since the 1940's. Things like health care for everyone may sound revolutionary, but to me it sounds like you're 70 years late for the party." -From Oslo, Norway

  • NYT Reader Comment:
  • "Bernie is the most real, unbought, sincere, and caring and consistent person to seriously contend for the Presidency in ages. he appeals greatly to intelligent, socially conscious voters who care about society as a whole rather than just their own narrow self-interest. His supporters want to see the country as a whole benefit, not just the wealthy and privileged. His refusal to take PAC money speaks volumes about his character. He also challenges a lot of the assumptions of apathetic and ignorant voters that are clueless about what this country needs. He has been a very positive voice in a country desperately in need of one. Bernie Sanders is the real thing, the perfect antidote to today's poisonous political culture. He has also had a positive effect on the campaign of Hillary Clinton, who is herself far superior to any of the Republican candidates."

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Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 26 weeks ago

Thanks for reminding me why I don't subscribe to, or read, the New York Times.

rs allen 4 years 26 weeks ago

Sacrilege Alice!

I couldn't start a day without the NYT puzzle along with my last cup of joe before walking out the door ;-) In all fairness though, the Times do have a few op-ed writers and science editors that almost always are worth reading and following their links.

I want to say this year of presidental races reminds very of the 68 fiasco. See if I can make the connections.

Hillary = Humphrey.......the favorite son

Sanders = McCarthy......the popular choice

Biden = McGovern........the spoiler to divide the ticket for favored son

Trump = Nixon........everyone knew he was a lieing scumbag

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