A HUGE opportunity!

This result of the Right taking the House may seem like a setback initially, however if Obama and the Democrats in the Senate take advantage of this opening it can turn out to be a best case scenario.

Here’s how…

Republicans have been able to hide behind procedural obstruction for the last couple years now; essentially blocking all progress via filibustering in the Senate and then blaming Democrats for the lack of progress.

This scenario now gives Democrats the rare opportunity to isolate the Republicans and reveal their obstruction.

Most Americans do not know what the filibuster is. If Democrats had removed the filibuster while holding all three houses it would have played right into the hands of the “government takeover” fears; stoked by the Right.

However, now – with a Republican house – we can remove the filibuster, push great progressive legislation through the Senate (I would start with S3816) and then force the Republican house to block it like we know they will! Once they do, then we hang every single piece of killed good Pro American Middle Class legislation around their neck like a dead fish and do not let them live it down.

It will put them on an island, they will be forced to own their obstruction and the American people will be able to see once and for all what the Republicans are about!


Thanks for reading,

Toa Reap


T Reap's picture
T Reap 8 years 46 weeks ago

Let me add one important thing to that...

I am feeling near disappionted! I will not be if Obama were to play this aggressively, as in my example above; but I will be completely discouraged if he were to try and play the group hug card with the Right.

That happens and I'm moving to Canada.

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