A recent item on the Huffington Post demonstrated that, despite spending dramatically more per capita than every other OECD nation, our life expectancy is nowhere near the longest. Several commentors attempted to knock down the OECD study on the premise that the data wasn't apples to apples as the median income varies wildly across the member nations. Thankfully, all of the OECD data is available online, here and here.

Using that data, I build the attached chart showing that, even when accounting for income levels, the US is a significant outlier. I know that logic doesn't always work on the right but this is yet another arrow in the progressive quiver to support the move to single payer.

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Just how much are we overpaying for health care?


nora's picture
nora 6 years 9 weeks ago

We are overpaying as long as THE PROFITEERING MIDDLE MAN is between us and the healthcare delivery point.

ONLY by banning the cutthroat profit motive in health care and medical treatment can this be changed.

The Profiteers have a motive for us to be sick, sicker, sickest of the 'developed ' countries. Every sick person, every chronic illness, every expensive medical protocol means MORE PROFITS FOR THEM. Prevented disease does not put money in the Profiteers' pockets.

There is no reason a Profiteer would want to see a healthy American population. Healthy people don't mean profits to a profit-based medical/pharmaceutical machine like the one that controls our nation at this moment.

SaltoftheEarth 6 years 9 weeks ago

I agree, Nora. And, if doctors spent as much time investigating the benefits of good diets and supplements instead of prescribing pharma drugs, our costs would go down. Dr. Ben Carson has it right. No one should come between the doctor and the patient - not the insurance companies or the federal government.

tbowman131's picture
tbowman131 6 years 9 weeks ago

SaltoftheEarth: If the federal government doesn't set minimum standards or mandate a not-for-profit business model, isn't that "coming between the doctor and the patient" as you put it? Isn't there a responsibility for the federal government, under the General Welfare clause of the Constitution, to protect patient rights and provide the legal infrastructure to ensure everyone has access to affordable health insurance (if not an outright Right to it)? How can you have a right to life if there is a cure but you just can't afford it? Isn't it analogus to "If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you" section of the Miranda rights?

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