Wisconsin Governor Scott "Jackass" Walker is using his Budget Repair Bill to attack the environment. Here are just a few of his ideas from the Bill:

•Recycling - Eliminates state recycling requirements and halts all funding for municipal and county-run recycling programs. Our recycling programs earn money for Wisconsin!

•Energy - Eliminates programs that attract green businesses to Wisconsin and help businesses to save money through energy efficiency. This is a direct attack on one of our conservation priorities!

•Department of Natural Resources - Slashes funding to the Department of Natural Resources by nearly 16%. This is the department that implements and enforces conservation laws and manages and maintains our resources!

•Farmland - Eliminates the program to preserve farmland. Paving over farmland will not help create jobs in our state!

•Water - Weakens current pollution laws, allowing for greater polluted runoff, including phosphorous, into our waterways. This means more stinky algae in our lakes and streams!

•Transit - Slashes support for local transit by 10% while dramatically increasing funding for road-building. This means fewer transit options and higher fees!

But to be fair, the prior governor James Doyle, in addition to creating a backlash against democrats, passed legislation allowing trees to be burned as fuel for electrical generating utilities. Now, it seems you can't go anywhere in the State - including State Parks, Natural Areas, even the Arboretum - with out seeing logging activity. It's sad. Worse still, it seems that the bigger or older the tree the more likely it will be cut down. I'm serious. Everywhere you go now a days its a sea of stumps.

We are a deeply flawed species. That is having trouble adapting to the realities of our physical evironment. Not good.


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