Since there is essentially no socialized aspect to the countries wealth anymore and we basically conduct government like an auction, those few with whom the wealth resides, the capitalists, are left to task government with manifesting their needs and only their needs. And central to their needs is to ensure the continued accumulation of capital.

As a consequence, the needs of society are largely irrelevant. To state it another way, the only social or public infrastructure the Capitalist is interested in is that infrastructure that facilitates their goal of surplus capital accumulation.

So, a government that makes you pay to offer an infrastructure of social safety nets (e.g. Medicare/caide, AFDC, S-Chip, unemployment compensation, etc.) is meaningless. Capitalist don’t need them, they have capital. On the other hand, the capitalist needs or prefers a “reserve army” of labor. The list goes on.

And along comes Scott Walker. What capital flows does he approve of? What initiatives do we see? Walker stresses absorbing capital into road construction and highway maintenance (forms of public infrastructure). Both of these areas crucial to the flow of the capitalists goods and raw material and they may even be essential for the consumption of a particular capitalists product – Koch brother’s gasoline. Walker’s union busting is clearly a move to create a capitalist dream in the form of a “reserve army” of obedient, well disciplined labor.

In walker’s case, a few of his initiatives (labor and roads) are therefore clearly a result of our retooled political bodies advocating for the interests of the wealthy few. Only government actions that facilitated the Capitalist interests get put forth by the government.

But it isn’t always that clear – or digestible. Even government outcomes like hi-speed rail have a capitalist tinge too them. Trains smooth the spikes in the spatial distribution of wage levels faced by a capitalist preferred location.

Also, access to natural resources as a factor input are crucial to the capitalist but the socialized aspects of there depletion are not. Similarly, the environment, one of the key determinants of the health of societies commons, is spoiled freely. Especially when the alternative to not spoiling it would impair the capitalist profits. Examples of this thinking are currently numerous: BP’s oil exploration and GE’s nuclear ambitions. Whose interests is the government representing?

Government preoccupies itself with deregulation in the hopes of mitigating the costs to capitalists of having to acknowledge the concerns of a broader society. A broader society that, other than playing the role of reserve army, really isn’t relevant to the Capitalists way of life.

The societal aspects of mass communication (like the internet) and mass information (like the media) are not as important to the Capitalists as dominating the communication with a unified and self serving message, and controlling the information in order to shape a profitable opinion. So we have issues like Net Neutrality, as well as the mergers surrounding ATT and Comcast.

These are the things that consume the government’s energy - quite successfully I might add from the Capitalist’s point of view.

So, go ahead and attack your Scott Walkers and defend your Obamas. But at the end of the day please bear in mind that party labels are just there to give you something to chew on and hopefully confuse you. The real battle is between the classes: the class of the politically and economically privileged few and the rest of us. Government is just a vehicle being used as a means to an end by wealthy insiders to a rigged system. And with politicians careers and personal fortunes in the offing, government, so far, has been happy to obliged the ruling class.

Please read the book "The Enigma of Capital" by author David Harvey published by Oxford University Press so that you can see Obama for what he really is.


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