From the gullibility of their voters to the socio-pathic policies of Walker and Bachman the further right you go in the Republican Party the more acute the signs of mental illness become.

It is no longer just a source of punch lines for pundits. It is more than just a joke. It goes beyond politics. It is a problem that continues to profoundly undermine the very structure of America and plagues any efforts to build a sane, just, and fair society.

Let the Debt Ceiling talks go nuclear – purge the filth/sickness – take the proverbial accounting like “big bath” and basically take our medicine and get back on track.

Right now a little audacious leadership would go a long way. And this includes direct action against the Koch Brothers, the Banks, Dick Army, Karl Rove, Eric Cantor, Walker, etc.

Given the circumstances, non-intervention in lieu of a policy of “State Rights” is gross negligence.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 7 years 16 weeks ago

Eric Cantor, Obama, whoever,....either get off your butts and help/defend the People adversely effected - those people who are being taken advantage of - by getting aggressive or GET THE HELL OUT OF PUBLIC OFFICE !

It is not just about the Corporations!

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eddie_on_drums 7 years 16 weeks ago

Here we are again. If you look up HATE in the dictionary, it leads you in a roundabout way to FEAR. So, until there is a follow-up on that bit on information, let us assume that HATE = FEAR.

Now, we have GREED. Avarice. Desire. Crave. Long. Feel. Emotion. Condition. Illness. Disease. Sickness.

So you can see, it goes down-hill from there.

If anyone cares to follow up on this 'break-down' of GREED, let us assume: GREED = SICKNESS

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