Generally, on money matters compromise has grown unconscionable

1. Wealth is severely concentrated and Republicans are the party of special interests,

2. For millions of Americans the economy continues to languish in Recess-A-Depression.

3. What is more Republicans have grown crazy and the Democrats have compromised themselves too far to the right already.

There is a time and place for compromise and the debt ceiling isn’t one of them. Don’t listen to the Polls. Poll participants suffer from the same information deficiencies that they use to Vote. Either you have a well informed voting populace and poll results that indicate the proper opinion on a matter or they are both tainted by poor information. And I don’t think everybody suddenly stopped watching Fox news, turned a deaf ear to reports of 50 gallons of oil spilled in the gulf and got themselves perfectly informed on the subtleties surrounding some political matter in order to yield a meaningful Poll result. YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM BOTH. Either everybody is voting and giving their opinion in a poll from a position of good information or they are not.

Again,Poll results are no more indicate of the appropriate opinion on a political matter than the surveyed voters vote. And in pursuit of that vote politicians make sure they poll participants are not well informed on political matters. Worse still on a Poll regarding the public's desire for Compromise politicians want you to believe it's preferred because compromise leads to their getting campaign contributions.

Given the frequency I have heard the announcement of poll results indicating a majority of voters desire for a compromise on NPR I have to think that Obama wants to compromise. He wants to give away the ship even in these extraordinary times. It begs to be asked why didn’t Obama respond to the poll results indicating Americas love of Wall Street?

Compromise on the debt ceiling is asinine. Don’t bandy about Poll results saying it is not. Invoke the Constitution and get back to work.


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telliottmbamsc 8 years 16 weeks ago

(wha? how did this get posted twice when the pc crashed the first time?)

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