Q: What does Rush Limbaug and the Stephanie Miller show have in common?

A: they both think it is funny to engage in racism against Asians.

Not only is their accent mockable but apparently according to the stephanie miller their habit of eating dogs is funny too.

You'd think a lesbian would be more sensitive to defamation, racism and covert hostility toward a protected class than that? What is really flabbergasting is that her ecclesiastical co-host of the day said nothing. John Fugelstan (spelling) didn't interrupt, he didn't protest,… nothing. And was the religious component of the days show!

And, sadly, this latest spew of Don Imus crap came AFTER a young man called into the show and said the he found her depiction of Asians offense, not funny, and that he wanted it to stop. Hell, I even wrote a protest out here on my blog condemning it. But the Stephanie miller show chose not to stop. That is pretty aggressive.

When a politician talks on her show are they endorsing her racism against Asian Americans? Do her sponsors share her beliefs?



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