The latest and perhaps lamest excuse being offered by Progressive talking heads that undermines our democracy is the one that says Obama needs us to “…force him to do it.”

Question: Why do we have to motivate the President 24/7/365 to do the right thing by the People? If we don’t take to the streets and what not to “…force him to do it.” then what is he going to do? Navel gaze all day?! Play solitaire in the oval office all day?! Doodle?! I doubt it - and that’s the problem.

Yea, yea, yea, the truly damaging talking heads will say “well, here in America, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and that’s simply how it is done here.” But that apology ignores that fact that the President does have free will, a set of values, and priorities. His values, priorities, and free will as stated by him during the campaign are why I mistakenly voted for him. He stealthishly conveyed a set of scruples, amongst other things, I felt would lead him to making the right decision so I didn’t constantly have to monitor him. But now Progressive talking heads are saying I have to “…force him to do it [for the People].”? Ta hell is that about?!?!?!

And again, if I’m not forcing Obama to do for the People then what is he going to do instead? Answer: he’s doing for the money.


francesca52 8 years 19 weeks ago

thom- Keith Olbermann read an "occupywallstreet" position statement in his comment section tonight that I think fully encapsulated the grievances of the protesters and all of us. I hope you read it on the air tomorrow. Don't know who wrote it, it was a great synopsis though- perfect! thanks

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