Obama lied when he said he would use Science in his decisions.

Who needs the Keystone when you can turn over American public land to the likes of Transcanada consortiums within consortiums to do tar-sand and oil-shale development right here within the US?! Obama’s Bureau of Land Management will even give them land owned by the Taxpayer’s for little next to nothing! It’s almost like there is “peak oil”! The Fossil Fuel industry’s wealth will be protected until the end of time!

This is a letter proposed by the Center for Biological Diversity:

To the Bureau of Land Management:

This letter pertains to the BLM's "draft programmatic environmental impact statement" for oil-shale and tar-sand development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

I am deeply concerned about the potential environmental effects if the BLM initiates a commercial leasing program for oil-shale and tar-sands development. It would pollute our land, air and water and exacerbate climate change. Endemic, threatened and endangered species would be lost.

Between global warming, rampant extinction and a quickly drying Colorado River -- problems that oil-shale and tar-sand development would only worsen -- it's hard to imagine a less prudent use of our public lands.

I therefore oppose any action by the BLM to continue or to authorize any new oil-shale or tar-sand development on public land, or create or continue land-use allocations that would allow for such uses in the future. The draft programmatic environmental impact statement should have included an alternative that does not in any way endorse additional public-land use for this unproven industry.

Oil shale is currently producing no jobs and no revenue -- the Congressional Budget Office confirmed that it is not expected to produce significant revenues through 2022.

The land overlying oil-shale resources in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming is some of the best wildlife habitat in the West, and outdoor recreation and tourism are huge economic drivers for the region. We must protect this sustainable economy by making smart decisions based on sound information.

I ask that you evaluate carefully and disclose fully the serious impacts of all new energy required for oil-shale and tar-sand production and its potentially devastating impacts to our climate, as well as the threat it poses to wildlife, special-status, threatened and endangered species, and to our water, air and communities.



media_muse 5 years 29 weeks ago

Tar sands -

rather self descriptive. Very very very beyond ugly.

Destructive, deadly, decimation is the only way to pull the tar out of the sand. There are so many other energy possibilites for us rather than this toxic wasteful dangerous process. If you have not seen the surreal devastion done to the beautiful lands of Alberta & her peoples please - view them and speak out. We are faced with same to be sure.

Thanks to Sacramento Dave who posted these links in March -

What does environmental devastation actually look like? Photographer Garth Lenz shares shocking photos of the Alberta Tar Sands mining project -- and the beautiful (and vital) ecosystems under threat.



And thanks to MrsBJLee for these links -




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