Sen. Kohl states predilection for “reasonable and affordable” pollution controls that don’t “seriously threaten” industry.

Herb – don’t send me e-mails explaining why mercury and other pollutants shouldn’t be dealt with if doing so results in less than maximized profits and/or higher consumer prices that must be accepted without relief (in the form of a counter response). I call that being a “Corporate Shill”.

A higher price on curing a “bad” is only a problem when it can not be offset by higher wages and/or cheaper alternatives or a decrease in the price of other goods and services…that also might effect core inflation. Viewed this way curing a “bad” will always allow the People to come out ahead. However, it may require decreasing the countries concentration of wealth, raising taxes on the rich and addressing a few other ossified beliefs of yours that over the years has put the country in the current shape it is in.

Today’s consumer’s basket of goods and services desperately needs to be re-priced, changed, added to, subtracted from, etc. based on a myriad of considerations including enhanced tax revenue from the super rich. And you will probably find, that if done without regard to Citizens United, a 99%’r would finally come out ahead in wealth and welfare….for the first time in 30 years. Get of the “box”. Change your heuristics.

If a firm is spewing Mercury (a neurotoxin) or god knows what to maximize profit – ta hell with’em! Hmmmm,…..or may be you just don’t want to risk putting upward pressure on wages?

Your leaving office is way past due. And take Schumer, Kerry, Clinton, Durbin, that jackass for the health insurance industry in Montana, and countless others from what you are calling a democratic and republican party with ya!

A politician threatening you with price increases as an excuse for corporate bad behavior is relying on the fact that you know he or she isn’t going to increase your wages in real terms.


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telliottmbamsc 7 years 30 weeks ago


"If you make our Corporate friends to the correct thing, they'll raise prices on you" is a threat from Washington that has helped Wages stay low for years and Corporations get away with Murder.

Washington needs to implement the correct policies that will make Corporations comply with the 99% best interests by taking the needed cash out of profits and wealth concentrating salaries. Then if the Corporations raise prices to do the right thing then we need to make them correspondingly RAISE THE WAGES THEY PAY THE PEOPLE and use enhanced Tax Revenues from the Rich to otherwise compensate the People's position.

It is a new age of Goverance.

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