Obama just came off handing out $16 Trillion to a small handful of Oligarchs, what makes anyone think, even if distributing assistance proportionate to the concentration of wealth, that the Obama administration thought a $2 Trillion dollar stimulus was sufficient to make the remaining 99% of the 308 million Americans on Main Street whole? No, and Obama knew it.

The stimulus was a carefully calibrated amount just sufficient to relieve the political imperative of “helping” main street while keeping Labor in a weakened state. It was also carefully chosen so as to foster debate – Obama didn’t want to be too obvious about stiffing anybody.

But make no mistake of it, the last thing Blue Dog Obama wanted was to restore Labor’s former power only to have them then go up against the profit margins of his deeply beloved Corporations. Campaign contributions would have hit the pooper.

Main St’s employment crisis was an opportunity. An opportunity to manage a severely weakened American Labor movement into being more in line with the labor costs enjoyed by the competition faced by America’s international oligarchs. If Obama and Congress had made labor strong by using American Tax Dollars to give the appropriate amount of help to Americans, they would have created what they would have considered a monster. Instead the Administration decided it is much easier to deal with a barely resuscitated opponent (whom you made sure kept a severe limp) than one who could afford to stand by it’s demands against your campaign contributors.

No, Obama couldn’t be seen as an obvious enemy of Labor but he sure as hell could bide his time as Labor softened even further in the presence of warm and fuzzy speeches. And who knows, with the right spin Labor might even vote for his being re-elected.

But do NOT defend Obama for having issued a stimulus package to Main Street. He knew exactly what he was doing and what the amount would and would not do. The Stimulus amount wasn’t something somebody tried that just “gosh, darn it, didn’t turn out to be enough.” Because you see there is this pesky thing called MATH and what is more Econometrics. No folks, the stimulus and what followed and where we are now was intended right from the get go. (And don't blame it on the Republican's because the initial amount Blue Dog Obama offered wasn't even close either.)


cjbak's picture
cjbak 7 years 14 weeks ago

So, with that said, what are you saying here? You seem to be trashing Obama for the failures of our congress! I don't get it. You're misdirecting your dissatisfaction toward Obama when you should be addressing the dead beats elected to congress that have no economic clue. They only know what they want for themselves and to hell with the country. I believe you should reassess your position and begin to think what will happen if those same people assume control of our government. If you still profess to tout this line of rhetoric after being smacked in the face with the utter failure of our congress to produce effective legislation correcting our economic problems then there is no hope for you understanding the problems we face. I suspect you are just trolling for an argument to aggitate the opposition. You have failed.

Finally, you are correct in saying the stimulus was not directed toward labor. It was for the thieves that vaporized 13 trillion out our economy then threatened the system with colapse if we did not shore up their banks...... while sitting on their pile of gold. The tax cuts to the middle class were nothing more than candy thrown to the starving kids. It was a joke. Again.......fix congress and quit complaining about Obama. He is not the problem.

anonymous green 7 years 14 weeks ago

Wolf, Obama, cry the beloved Country.

Or, Obama is not a wolf.

Elliott reports, you decide.

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