I got this in my email and reading it makes frustrated. While agree with their assessment of the “filth-ticket” (Romney-Ryan) I find the letter unsettling. Yea, I know the letter focuses on the choice apparent come November but it just seems blinded and incapable of improving Labor's lot in the long run.


"Brothers and Sisters,

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Mitt Romney has chosen Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. What you may not know is just how bad this is for America’s middle class, seniors, students and workers.

While Mitt Romney has made his fortune by outsourcing jobs and kicking American workers to the unemployment line, Paul Ryan has spent nearly his entire life as a career politician. Neither of these two have any foreign policy experience -- unless you count Mitt Romney’s tax havens in places like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

By choosing Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney is providing further evidence that his goals are to help the rich get richer by hollowing out America’s middle class. As Congressman, Paul Ryan has done nothing to create or protect jobs in his home district.

Whether its outsourcing jobs, ending Medicare as we know it, raising taxes on the middle class or putting higher education out of reach for millions of students by cutting Pell grants, the Romney-Ryan plan will have a devastating impact on America’s working families.

What did you pay in taxes last year? Guess what, millionaire Mitt Romney would pay under Paul Ryan’s plan? Less than 1% in taxes! Do you think this is fair?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are fighting to make sure that every American has a fair shot at the American dream. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are rigging the rules and plotting to take our economy down a destructive path by catering to the top 1% and leaving the rest of us behind."


First of all, the email is hook line and sinker sold on the two party system despite 30+ years of it failing Labor. Keeping People trapped in the thinking that the solutions to all their problems lie in the two party system is probably the single biggest point of leverage Corporate Labor Exploiters have against Labor. Worse still, the ying and yang of American Politics and labor policy isn't Republican v. Democrat. The Us versus Them in Labor is illustrated in the data surrounding concentration of wealth. Labor's plight isn't Republican v. Democrat, it's the have-not v. haves acting through both parties of our political system. Their comment that Obama and Biden are fighting to give every one a shot at the American dream is kind of hooey. The email could say that 'Obama and Biden would be a bit better (triangulation) for Labor than voting for Romney Ryan in 2012' but saying anything beyond that is hooey! Yea, I know, your flying off the handle, but folks these are politicans - what they say and do is pretty much meaningless but what comes to pass or doesn't come to pass (minus the excuses) speaks volumes and is really all you got as far as facts to judge them on.

Vote for Obama and Biden knowing they are deeply flawed is ok. Not as pure to purpose as voting for Jill Stein, but ok. But don't extend them false hope for much change and don't give the suggestion that Obama and Biden are in anyway the cure to Labor's problems or anything else about the Country for that matter.


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telliottmbamsc 5 years 9 weeks ago

Don't give your members the wrong impression because if you do you will eliminate force for true change.

anonymous green 5 years 9 weeks ago

Then why give everyone the wrong impression, Elliott, in every post you make, every day?

You're like the broken record of the Wolf Apocalypse.

Now you want us voters to follow the rats off the ship and flush their vote down the Phony Green Party Toilet, like your idiot friends here on the right.

What a stupid waste of space and time you exhibit.

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Laborisgood 5 years 9 weeks ago

The pathology of our 2-party system so deeply influenced by money is a given. The fact that those with the most money have successfully shifted the entire political spectrum in their favor is merely a symptom of that disease. Another symptom is that unions have far less influence than they once were in the political arena when people meant more than money.

Unions clinging to the only viable part of that 2-party pathology is more an act of desperation as opposed to a sinister rubber stamp action in support of the 2-party cabal. Unions abandoning a viable branch of the 2-party system not only weakens their stance, but strengthens the stance of the fascists who want nothing more than complete destruction of all unions.

Feelings of self righteousness about your Green vote as the fascists are casting lots for our last public belongings is not much of a consolation prize and expecting the righteous community of organized labor to do the same is not just foolish, but suicidal. Choose life, vote Obama 2016. If you must go Green, go Green further down the ticket where it might not cost as much and may even count for something.

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