But in reality even that’s too late, and the President’s response, if any, will be grossly insufficient. The window of opportunity to do something about Climate Collapse has came and went.

Don't get me wrong, it would noble if Obama did do something and the rest of the countries on the planet capitulated but sadly the truth is Mankind has already committed a long slow suicide. The environmental bubble we've been riding is bursting over a relatively brief geologic time frame. My guess is that we will even continue to help it burst faster with Coal, Tar Sands, Nuclear energy, and the like.

Maybe the real question is why incur the chaos that would ensue from withdrawing from dirty energy when you know you’re going to die anyway. Live out the rest of our days in the comfort of our old routines and habits, without much change to acknowledge the inevitable. That is until it is visited upon us in the form of excessive heat, floods, droughts, and shortages. If that is to be the case then we will see chaos anyway.

Doesn’t look good.




telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 38 weeks ago

Obama’s policy will continue to be not to threaten the fortunes of those at risk from an appropriate response to our rapidly decaying Atmosphere. His deference to their wealth has and will continue to erode a proper response for the People. And the People have already incurred the price and will start to pay this price more and more as time goes on.

hans nel 6 years 38 weeks ago

I agree that it is possible that a, or the, turning point has been reached. This level of temperature change is the end of civilization. Buying land at the ten meter contour line won't help when the food chain fails. Most of the people in the world live in the tropics and along coast lines. If they all gotta move within a generation or two, game over. If we are talking ten generations, this would be a little different. Nat. Geo. Nov 2011, Ice Free World, stated that the last similar scale event of this kind in earth's history wiped out all animals with shells. We are constantly hearing talk about how to deal with climate change as if it was something like the cancelation of the football season.

Would you please site sources of your information for me and other readers?


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