Apparently People who are not happy with what Obama is doing on Gun control are, according to highness, “not listening.” Because, as you see, hunting (even during a mass extinction, using a helicopter) and other gun activities are important “traditions.” (Upholding “tradition” - How’s that for “change?”)

You can almost hear Obama say it “Silly peasants, you are all just poorly thinking ignoramuses who don’t really understand the issue(s). To hell with what you want. You should be happy with what I give you! and that’s that. No Be Gone!”

You know, I’ve seen it time and time again throughout my life – people change. There are some life events that people simply careen on. I don’t know how else to say it. An otherwise great guy will, say, finally achieve a thing, or get a belonging, or title or something and ka-pow! They change. Something fundamentally lacking about their personality will cause them to handle the newness like a super person-changing event. The continuity of who they are is stop and a new person who is heavy on the ego, arrogance, pride, etc. will pick up and carry on. There will be a general, almost palpable, loss of humility, compassion, and grace that pervades every aspect of their being [look at the degree to which he is allowing climate change take hold]. In one instance, a man - fully realizing what he considered a new found level in his life – took a big exaggerated inhale, swelled up his chest, and spread a big smile across his face as he sighed in satisfaction. At that instance, a monster was born. It was the birth of the proverbial “don’t you know who I am?” moment played out in body language. They think they are suddenly better than other People. For Obama, it may have been something stupid and completely unrelated to being chosen President, for instance, appearing GQ or rubbing elbows with some movie star.

At his basest level Obama is not that bright, and I’m sorry, but that does make a difference.

He is arrogant, condescending, and so convinced of the righteousness of his acts he has completely forgotten that his job is to give the People what is they want, regardless of whether or not there is fortune in it for the Democratic Party – no excuses. No more Harry Reid “you don’t know how Washington works.” [Mr. Reid, you are a throw back to what many people want to be by-gone days of the Democratic party that had a habit of subordinated the People’s interests in deference to “politics(?)”

The Country needs a third party. And as an aside, this President is too comfortable with killing both People and our natural world.


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