In other news, Obama proclaimed at the inaugural waste of money that he would fight Global Warming. But he failed to mention that he will fight global warming by exporting untold tons of American Coal and Fracking product to China who will burn it with reckless abandon. And if our not giving China the fuel to plunge the planet into a makeshift easybake oven isn’t enough, these exports will (1) leave the American landscape one big raped, toxic, superfund site, (2) boost the Chinese economy well beyond that of America’s so we have more job losses and geopolitical problems and finally, (3) postpone China’s further development of solar and wind energy deferring further the planet’s progress on Climate Change while increasing China reliance on dirty energy. All this so Peabody Coal, T. Boone Pickens and few other International Oligarch types can reap huge profits at the expense of Americans and their country.

Again, Climate Change, as with many of Obama’s policies is duplicitous. He’ll say one thing here but doesn’t do it while he says and actually does the complete opposite abroad. Don’t believe me? Ask the Greek Labor movement. And by the way, is organized labor behind all these fracking and coal jobs? Do they fully understand the situation? It is called “blowback” . The benefits from any jobs created domestically from exporting dirty energy will be more than offset from the negative consequences and labor will net out worse off (even though the sponsoring corporation reaps huge profits).

But now Obama pledges to Combat Climate Collapse while raping the American People’s commons and sending countless billions of tons of dirty energy product to our main economic competitor China. (if I have to say it a thousand times I will).

Well Mr President talk is mighty cheap given your track record. When is the solar and wind energy industries going to take off? After we chock to death on methane from fracking? My kudos on allowing earthquake causing fracking within 500 ft of a nuclear generating station.

I mean really Mr. Obama, your going to help the environment? You - Mr. Climate-Collapse-is- a-Profit-Opportunity – are going to put a stop to Climate Change?! Really!? Are we going to wait for the “Free Market” to do that? Don’t you have some wolves to shoot?! Maybe refresh your plan for the Polar bears’ extinction?! You could help out the Oil industry by finally letting carp get into the great lakes? Gulf of Mexico and BP need some help (the White House knew BP had the same accident immediately prior to Deepwater)? What do ya say?!? It involves death and destruction! Huh!? You always liked that! But now Mr. President you expect me to believe you are all of a sudden going to completely reverse your approach toward the environment. An approach that has proven to hell bent on the environment’s ultimate destruction using every fiber of your being!?!( rolls eyes). Right when you got caught using a bogus Department of Energy study to approve fracking and are building 16 mega sea ports to ship untold billions of tons of coal to China. BALLS! I’m speechless.

But hey, technically Obama said the words – he will fight climate collapse - and for many American’s that is unfortunately enough. Thanks to Propaganda. With those few words alone many People will fill in the rest and nod their heads dutifully – as if to console Obama - when nothing comes of it. People will defend is lack of producing anything material. All Oblahblah has to do is stay popular and all will be well with the People no matter how absurd it gets. Remember, truth and falsehood mean nothing. What Obama chooses to say is all about it’s inspirational value to the people. When properly inspired the Peopole will cut him the slack necessary to slither on.

Obama is a hypocrite and an elitist. I’ll believe he is sincere about producing results to fight Climate Collapse when he, say, declares a State of Emergency in which he nationalizes the Energy Industries, Bans Wall Street from Trading energy industries, issues an immediate cease and desist of all energy exports, bans coal, and spends $16 trillion on Solar and Wind Energy. Until then Mr. President,….well, frankly, just shut up would ya?! Your schtick has soooooo lost it’s luster. Don’t kid yourself, we just didn’t really have anybody else to vote for. That’s all. That’s how you got re-elected.

All Obama is going to do on Climate Collapse is gyrate around in a fine piece of theatre with the Republicans, while he uses the whole idea of Climate Legislation to shake down members of the Dirty Energy industry for campaign cash. In the end, nothing material will come of it and Obama will blame it on Republicans. Am I the only one smelling a desperation out of the White House on this?

I’ll always remember Obama as the President who sabotaged himself with a shellacking (via his self-serving behavior early on) and then kept his lack of service to the People up by quietly never doing what it took and blaming the republicans.

Like BP did in Azerbaijan, I suspect Obama is slowly transforming America into a “Dirty Energy Police State.” Obama’s dirty energy exports make him an economic traitor, as well as very profound fool when it comes to dealing with the environment.

My congratulations to the Rap artist Fiasco for speaking the truth at the Inaugural gala – even if it did get him forcibly removed.

READ “DEATH OF THE LIBERAL CLASS” by Chris Hedges to understand more about the CREEL Commission (aka “Committee for Public Information”). Ref Chapter 3


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 34 weeks ago

Public trust in government, business leaders falls

Stateoftheartist's picture
Stateoftheartist 6 years 34 weeks ago

You Yanks have to stop bagging everyone else for the problems your culture has created. Unfortunately China burning dirty coal is one big reason that things are not much worse than than they already are. SO2 emissions from dirty coal has been shielding us from 75% of the greenhouse effect of CO2 rise by seeding cloud that reflects som sun back into space.

realise that self interest of persons, nations or corporations has no place in the urgently necessary war against complete ecosystem collapse, that has now been declared. (Arctic Methane Emergency Group)

Enlist! Get on the forums, email media and politicians, spread the word far and wide!

Make Obama put his money where his mouth is!

I'm a world champion, internationally known and acclaimed design engineer in a clean green industry. My work has a commercial value of many millions, but I've put my career on the shelf to work full time on the climate issue without pay because stopping the ending of all life on earth is the ONLY issue worth thinking about right now .

heres a page of charts showing the imminent Arctic Ice collapse.

Heres an accessible analysis of what will go down if warm gulf stream water is allowed to continue getting to the continental shelfs of the arctic basin.

Heres a paper predicting midcentury mass extinction of earth life by mid 21st century if we don't act immediately with major geo-engineering techniques:

Fracking gas HAS been shown to be a really bad idea. Even without any "frackouts" studies have shown it has 5- 7% methane surface seepage from fracked fields, making it a worse greenhouse problem than oil or coal, even without the Sulphur Dioxide advantages of the later.

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 34 weeks ago

If he fails to produce significant climate collapse legislation, Obama’s representations regarding his Creel Commissions stand on helping the Atmosphere will do great damage by lulling the Public into complacency with the problem for another 4 yours. But maybe that is the whole idea, take off some of the pressure to abandon dirty energy.

Worse still, by exporting dirty energy product to other countries, the statistics on the US’s emissions of C02 are meaningless. We will be the Country responsible for the increase in C02 emissions by China and other countries.

As always, Obama is a capable of a lot of damage to the human condition.

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 34 weeks ago

Hw come Hollywood hasn't produced a movie depicting the actual consequences of our Warming Planet? Is that why Bill Clinton appears at Hollywood award ceremonies?

"The Day after tomorrow" and "2012" really aren't about what is actually taking place.

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