Homes are the preferred bait of the Predator State. Housing signifies the Administration’s desperate attempt to restart a consumption based economy. You consume the mortgage and then consume the products to fill the home. What a fine bubble it was prior to 2008. What has fundamentally changed about America that is going to stop it from happening again? Clearly, not the herd mentality the Washington/Wall St nexus seeks to exploit.

Do yourself a favor and avoid purchasing a home until Government can get it’s shit together on a campaign of stimulus for Main St.

And by the way, why hasn’t home architecture changed dramatically in response to the forthcoming dramatic change in our Atmospheric systems? I wouldn’t buy a house if it wasn’t an “earth home” or had special reinforcement of structural components or couldn’t withstand monster extreme heat –after that I’ll worry about insulation and types of windows. To bad I can’t afford one of those underground homes built in abandoned silos. My point is - you do want some resale value, right?!

Homeownership is just a way to conscript the 99% into servitude of true economic activity that they will not be the principal benefactors of. To that end, who cares if buying a home is a bad idea from the homeowner’s perspective, the point for the elite is to just get them to buy – period.

Real wage levels?! Rising costs? Decreasing social support? Obama helping China’s economy boom by exporting cheap dirty American Fuel? If you focus on simply the number of jobs then that’s what you’ll get – more jobs albeit jobs that don’t offer gainful employment. Labor’s plight won’t be improved it will just be expanded to include more working Americans. More workers running in place, desperately loosing their fight to keep their heads above water.

Don’t be a financial statistic.


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