Mr Obama: How does exporting fracking product and Coal consistent with Combating Climate Death?!

Obama’s “energy independence” farce and his claim to combat death of the Climate are not consistent with one another.

The best thing Obama can do about Climate Change is to keep talking and Educating about it.

The worst thing he can do is drop a “yea, yea, Climate change, I’m on it” and then have that be that – you know then like gun control we don’t hear much more from the president himself about it until it fails to pass congress.

Amongst other things, it took the collection din of a myriad of personal decisions to get us facing death with our Atmosphere and you can legislate people to change their everyday behavior without a hell of lot of reminding. But he, the President, personally has to do it – no advertising spoke persons, no nice little press boy, “jack-carne” (Spanish anyone?), doing it. That way when Obama fails to produce significant climate legislation at least the need for CHANGE will be pervasive and ever present with the People who will be paying the price.

I can’t emphasize it enough. The President HIMSELF has to take time to educate, warn, and guide the People into our dying world at every turn. He could use Fire side chats, weekly radio addresses, State of the Confusion speeches, press conferences expressly about the threat. And not just to promise and talk about forthcoming legislation. HE – THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF – needs to dismantle any shred of doubt the “CREEL Commission” may have generated over time. He needs to educate and lead the People into the death of the Holocene Epoch. Anything less won’t quite have the same effect impact as THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF saying the words over and over, at every turn.

He needs to sell the People on the threat posed by Climate Change with an equal amount of vigor to that which was used to debunk and confuse People about it.

And he won’t do that. The power of his “Climate Change” announcement was simply in announcing to the People that he is going to address it – period. No definite time frame for when he might do this. No plan on how he will overcome obstacles to passing such legislation. Nothing. And watch, he’ll repeat this message over and over periodically to lull us into complacency when all the while fracking, tar sands, and coal burning continues.

Obama will not, can not unleash his propaganda machine against what climate change really represents, only the fact that “the check is in the mail” regarding his doing something about it and language to the effect that he understands and identifies with the People’s needs to address it. By and large, you can bet that he will not significantly seek to amplify awareness and education about our climate situation. He just wants to convince the People that the pressure for climate change legislation is off.


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telliottmbamsc 6 years 34 weeks ago

There is zero room to fart around or be half assed about our response to our dying Atmosphere.

We can, and may have, obliterated ourselves.

Climate Change does not stop in the year 2100 but will grind on for thousands of years.

Obama was a part of bringing this to come about.

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