Special interests groups are aggressively backing a plan to reduce funding for the Milwaukee County Board by over 80% as well as make the elected positions part-time.

This is an overreach of state government into local politics. It’s a blatant attack on democracy and on citizen rights to meaningful representation. County Supervisors’ are closest to residents and provide the first resource for citizen questions, concerns and ideas. The voices of Milwaukee residents will be dramatically silenced if the Board is cut or reduced and all the power will be in the hands of the County Executive.

Milwaukee County is the branch of government responsible for courts, prisons, mental health services, transit, parks and other cultural and social services. The proposed changes to the Board would all but eliminate County Supervisors’ ability to provide adequate oversight of these crucial services.

This is nothing more than political payback and a consolidation of power. The Board provides an essential check on the Office of the County Executive. After years of spirited debate with Scott Walker’s Administration, right-wing special interests groups are now looking to erode the check the Board provides on the County Executive. This is a shameless and naked power grab and a blatant overreach of state government in local politics. It flies in the face of our system of checks and balances by disempowering one branch of government.

Wisconsin is currently 42nd in the nation in job creation. The number one focus of our state legislators should be the creation of good, family-sustaining jobs for Wisconsin, not taking away local control and dismantling our democracy.

Special Thanks to the AFL-CIO (who will be harmed by Obama fueling China’s continued economic ascension by exporting cheap dirty coal and fracking gas to them. Unless of course, you think that helping our competition, much less helping our competition by ruing our environment in the process of our extracting and their burning these exports will somehow help labor net out ahead in the end. I guess in the long con special interests in America realize they have to spend money - wages - in order to make profits....but you can bet your ass the corporations are going to come out a head in the end...so give a wage today and take away 80 billion times that dollar amount of wages in the form of a reduction Labor'squality of life and Wealth into perpetuity and it will be considered a win win!?! I'm sure China will stop stealing our jobs in the future once Obama has fueled their global economic dominance burning irresponsible fuel. (rolls eyes)


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