If Gogebic Taconite doesn’t violate Environmental Regulations in Wisconsin the CEO should be fired.

Gogebic Taconite’s president is Bill Williams.



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telliottmbamsc 6 years 52 weeks ago

The problem isn't the wording of the legislation, it's with Walker.

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telliottmbamsc 6 years 52 weeks ago

Is Senate Democrat Tim Cullen from Janesville running for Governor? Is that why he is working with Walker to pass mining legislation?

Is Tim Cullen related to the very large construction company "J.P. Cullen"?

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telliottmbamsc 6 years 50 weeks ago

My guess is, the State's Democrats and Republicans are going to pass one set of mining regulations but Gogebic is going to act like an entirely different set of legislation has passed. Specifically, the People will be appeased with the “compromise” legislation but Gogebic will act according to the original extremist legislation or thereabouts.

Then Gogebic’s lawyers working off Walker's sympathetic power and judicial infrastructure well get Gogebic off the hook. In the end, the profit to Gogebic associated with violating environmental regulation will be worth the cost.

And it's too late to expect to enforce a compromise mining bill successfully. The message from Walker’s power infrastructure has already been sent via the original extremist draft - that original extremist draft is what – in practice and reality - will come to pass after the machinations of Walker's power infrastructure processes an environmental infraction. The extremist interpretation of the mining bill is after all what the Walker State, Judicial and Regulatory infrastructure believes in. So, Gogebic will get a stern letter and wink while Walker's continued career in the state gets a helping hand$$$. And Democrats, through their own naiveté or stupidity, will have helped Walker to succeed. Any compromise legislation isn't going to change the Walker's State, DNR, Regulatory, and Judicial infrastructure.

The reasons Gogebic gave Walker money don’t stop and start with the legislation.

Look what happened with BP and the Gulf of Mexico. BP was even found guilty and still the damages were a joke! The fines, penalities, and awards were a miniscule fraction of the profits made from the bad business practices.

I mean get real, what are you going to do when they blatantly crap on the environment after an allegedly "illegal" act ? Shut down the mine after its started and have the news filled with interviews from out of work mining peasants. Do you think the workers are going to remember the environmental infractions “Madison is hollering about” when it comes time to vote for Walker again? NO

Instead why doesn’t the State, say, build some new technical colleges up north and/or invest in Computer training at existing schools? Any inefficiency in these ideas will pale in comparison to the cost to Wisconsin society of liquidating its resources through mining.


New Addition to original post:

The problem is sulfide materials (pyrite) that causes acid mine-drainage – even if Gogebic follows existing environmental regulation instead of having them effectively waived by the current version of AB1 (Walker’s mining wet dream). Environmentally devastating pollution will be created and dumped into the local watershed even if Gogebic follows pre-existing environmental safeguards.

Special thanks to the "Isthmus" weekly news magazine and Wisconsin.sierraclub.org

Larry Kaufmann lies.

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