“Cyprus: The European Union acted destructively – and self-destructively – when it tried to seize a portion of the insured savings accounts of the citizens of Cyprus. They were telling anyone with a savings account in the financially troubled nations of the Eurozone: Forget your guaranteed deposits. If we need your money in order to bail out the big banks – banks which have already gambled recklessly with it – we’ll take it.”



Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 6 years 12 weeks ago

And no government has the guts to take on these colossal banking/investment conglomerates. And people continue to deposit their money with them, to invest in them. Why not small, locally owned banks and credit unions? Why not rip up all those credit cards?

TH Bloggers, your country has been taken from you. The CIA runs it. If you aren't aware of what's happening just go to today's Democracy Now:


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