In perhaps the most cynical example yet of putting Party before People we are now witnessing a leadership in which the change needed to literally save the human race is being thwarted in a desperate attempt to save a fossil fuel industry facing complete obsolescence.

And the effects don’t stop with American’s truly screwed up and misguided, misstructured, and dis-economic energy industry.

This is an excerpt from "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt" by authors Chris Hedgesand Joe Sacco:

“The ruthless hunt for profit creates a world where everything and everyone is expendable. Nothing is sacred. It has blighted inner cities, turned the majestic Appalachian Mountains into a blasted moonscape of poisoned water, soil and air. It has forced workers into a downward spiral of falling wages and mounting debt until laborers in agricultural fields and sweatshops work in conditions that replicate slavery. It has impoverished our working class and ravaged the middle class. And it has enriched a tiny global elite that has not loyalty to the nation-state. These corporations, if we use the language of patriotism, are traitors.”

“The belief that human beings and human societies should be ruled by the demands of the marketplace is utopian folly. There is nothing in human history or human nature that supports the idea that sacrificing everything before the free market leads to a social good. And yet we have permitted this utopian belief system to determine how we structure our economy, labor, education, culture, and our relations with foreign nations, as well as how we treat the ecosystem on which we depend for life.”

“The corporate state knows only one word: more.”

And to that end, they will eat our futures out from under us.


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telliottmbamsc 6 years 48 weeks ago

Ditch the Democrats and Republicans in favor a responsible 3rd Party while we still have a chance to prepare for Us.

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